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Physical Self-Care

Of all the self-care topics, this is the one that I always think of first, but rarely do I actually act on those thoughts. It isn't that I am in bad shape, physically, it's just that I don't think about it very often. I eat decently and I am in pretty good shape, but it isn't because I try to be. The food I like just happens to be generally good for me and I am just active enough to keep myself in shape. I don't seek out exercise (I don't go to the gym or do anything like jogging or anything else) and what I eat is not always the best for me. I think that I am just active enough in getting around campus and what I do when I'm hanging out that I don't need to exercise anymore than that and I also know when I'm full so I don't over eat even when I'm eating junk food. I think if I focused on it more I would have less stress in my life and feel better all around. I think that I will get more into that as I get older, but right now I am comfortable with what I do now.