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Already? Ok, so, it’s really not that early on that I should be wary of beginning résumés, but it still seems so weird to be learning about them. I think it’d feel weird at any point, so what can one do? My sister’s in her third year of college and she’s been working on her résumé for awhile now, which should suggest to me that one does start these things fairly early in their undergrad life, if not sooner, but still, it’s weird. It must be the case that, whenever I think of a résumé and don’t immediately think back to my part-time job at Barnes & Noble, I think strictly of adults who are in their late 30’s or older and are either searching for their first job (which would be a little ridiculous) or switching from one job to a higher up position. Me, writing a résumé….it even sounds odd. Not odd in a bad way, mind you, just odd. Beginning work on a résumé suggests to me that I’m nearing adulthood; which, I suppose, is true, but it’s such an out-of-the-ordinary thing for me to consider. I’m not sure I’m ready to be an adult just yet.