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Self-fulfilling Failures

I used to have a lot of self-fulfilling failures in my life. I used to think that a lot of my problems had to do with the people I was around, not me. I didn't think I was any different from anyone else so I really didn't understand when I had to deal with things that other people didn't have to deal with. As I've gotten older, however, I have been much better about realizing what I have control over. I know now that I teach people how to treat me and if I don't like something that is happening I need to stand up and change it. I can't expect different reactions from people until I change the way I'm behaving towards them. This example works in other aspects of my life as well. I have to take responsibility for my actions and how I perceive the situations I come in contact with. If I believe that I have control I can make possibly negative situations into positive ones and not feel that very stressful sense of hopelessness that many people feel when they believe that life is happening to them rather than feeling like they have some control over what happens.