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What adulthood means to me

What it means to be an adult can mean alot of diffrent things. Some think its when your 18, other 21, while others think its based on other factors such as college or having a good job.

To me being an adult is based on many things, evan at the age of 23 i still dont realy consider myself and adult. Things like being machure, making wise decisions, putting others first, having both book smarts and street smarts, (and believe me theres a hug differance between those) the thing i find least affecting to being an adult is age.
While leagely im an adult i do not realy feel like an adult. Sure im machure, can hold a good job, pay my bills and so on. But i think one of the big splits is doing what you need to do when you dont want to do it, as well as having the ability to get or do something for yourself but not doing so. Guess i feel kind of odd being a 23 year old freshman and taking classes with alot of 18 year olds. (damn youngins *shakes fist*) get off my lawn!!