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why college is important outside of the obvious

Everyone knows that college is important for more than just one reason. Better job, more respect etc, etc, etc. While these are some of the bigger factors of going to college many people still miss possably one of the biggest reasons to go to college. Im writing this today because after reading a few blog posts by other people about the amount of feedom they have and that there are no "restraints". This brings me to a my point, or the missed point depending on how you look at it. The thing is that college is not so diffrent from being in high school and living with your parents. It always people to slowly transition into the "real world". it also provides a much needed structure that i myself was not granted, being that i went strait from high school to living alone and working in less than 12 hours is what makes this stand out to me.

college alows us to leave our homes but keeps us in a familiar atmosphere of having authority over our heads such as both teachers and our own peers. Many people think that going to college is the same as being on your own and making your own decisions, in some ways it is, and others its not. college also allows us the time to properly adapt to not having parents around in a much less harsh way. And on the other side it allows for an easier transion on the parents side as well

in my opinion these are some much needed things in many peoples lives that is often overlooked about the whole college experiance