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Working with Diverse kids

This past summer I worked with little 1st graders at a summer school. I was a para in a class with ESL kids. My main job was to keep one of the kids on task because he had a lot of energy and needed to be reminded. Many if not all of these kids parents slightly spoke or didn't speak Englsh. It was really fun working with them because at that age they all looked up to you as a role model and followed me around. Since they were in class trying to improve their English, it was sometimes tough just to say, " are you kidding me, we just did this four times." Teaching and working with kids from other backgrounds is something that is a good experience because you have to be patient, when they don't understand or help them out. It gives me a great amount of respect for people who work in those types of circumstances where there is a language barrier or it's hard to communicate for there real jobs.