November 30, 2007

Balance Between Boredom and Stress

My mother has always described to me that the best way to live is balanced. She goes on to tell me this means a balanced breakfast, a balanced diet, a balanced schedule and so ona nd so forth. The problem was that I wanted to have fun! Balance was boring. I would rather spend much more time playing than doing responsible things. However, I have learned that in the long run; balance is of the utmost importance. I always try to focus on the goals and the aftermath when I work on remaining balanced. I try to realize that if I do equal amounts of homework then fun that I will be rewarded in the end. I have learned the hard way what happens with too much fun. All of a sudden their is an upsurge of responsibilities that must be done. I try to remember thos difficult times when I would rather ignore boring tasks. Also, I do my best to not have stress build up too much. Spreading an assignment out rather than finishing it the night before its due makes for less stress and better results.

Ownership of a Problem

I have often been face by difficulty to take ownership of a problem. Generally, the ownership of any problem is with the person who i frustrated. Frustration is a complex emotion. I have experienced it first hand. A good exampe is of an occurence that happened between my younger brother and I. We had just recieved a christmas present of a video game that was given to both of us. The problem was that we couldn't decide who should get to play with it first. I was the first to get extremely frustrated with the situation. I was excited and I wanted to revel in the glory of playing that game firstmost. After all, I was the oldest. My frustration grew to the point to where I got into a physical fight with my broter. Rather than owning up to the problem, I started a fight. Frustration messes with people's decision making skills. That is why I hope to always own up to my problems in the future.

Daily Responsibilities

I react in different ways to daily responsibilities. Usually I handle the easier and more enjoyable responsibilites in a carefree, happy manner. However, the dull responsibilities have never been easy for me to deal with. I get everything done most of the time. However, I may sulk becasue of the displeasure they might have caused me. I sometimes feel overwhelmed. This especially occurs when I don;t manage to complete all the responsibilities from the prvious day so I have to accomplish more in a smaller time frame. These times are often difficult. I do my best not to panic but it happens. For example, I once had to sit in the library for over nine hours because I had a ton of homeowkr I needed to finish for the following day. In my future, I hope to use my dialy tasks to remind me of goals that urge me to perform at a higher level. If that were the case I may be able to have fun and do a good job on each and every one of my tasks.

Life Planning

I have never really like planning. I have always felt that if I live more "spur of the moment" that I would have more fun. However, I'm finding that I may be wrong in this regard. Planning can be very helpful in setting up goals and seeing them through. My main goal is to find out what major or profession I would like to study for my future. My current way of thinking seems to have slowed down my decision. I am still undecided and it makes things all the more difficult. Apparently, planning would have been the better way to go. I still wish it could be different. I want to be surprised in life but never by catastophes. I need to work on planning out external subgoals while enhancing psychological factors and person supports key to my happiness.

What I Do Best

What is it that I do best? This is a difficult question. Not because there are many things I do well; quite the oppisite actually. I would have to sy the thing that I do best is think creatively. Some of my friends have noted at my starnge interpretations. However, the only reason they are strange is because I like to think of things differently. The unreal has always been so much more exciting than the real for me. I have daydreamed on what it would be like to be a wizard or actually partake in one of the video games I play. My imagination has always made things more interesting. This may change within the next five years as when I get older, most likely I'm going to have to become more mature and responsible. Oddly enough, my mastery level in this case will most likely go down however, I hope not. I hope I am the strange old guy that still acts much younger than his age. In that way I could master creativity to somehow entertain other. Possibly through writing a book or some other way. Thinking of what I do best is helpful in giving me hints to what I would be succesful in for my future.

Favorite Activities and Growth Needs

The Career Planning book defines growth needs as essential stimulations such as exploration and interaction that help humans grown and resist stress. I feel as if I;m under a lot of stress lately so anything that can reduce them would be a huge help. That is why I feel it is important to take part in some of my favorite activites. These icnlude hanging out with friends, playing video games, biking, running, swimming and playing soccer. If I spend all my time doing schoolwork and nothing else than my growning process may actually slow down. I'm sure that I don't want that to happen. Also, I don't need to be told twice to do the things that I enjoy. However, what happens when you are overwhelmed with schoolwork and can't find the time to do fun things? I hope I solve this question in my near future.

Wasting a Lifetime of Work

"Dietrich Bonhoeffer said "If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction." I got this quote from the "My Wonderful Life" class handout. The truth is that many people do "run along the corridor in the other direction." Many people end up progressing towards a job or an event that they are not really going to enjoy. Most often, people do this because of money. A person will attempt to become a lawyer oir doctor even if they hate the job, because the pay-off is better. I have set a goal to never do anything soley for the money. The truth of the matter is that you have to enjoy what you are doing to become a happy person. Money really doesn't buy happiness. If I ever find myself progressing towards something that will serve no point, I hope to stop what I'm doing.

November 29, 2007

Fantasy Goals

I love the idea of fantasy goals. For example, I sometimes wish I was a wizard that could cast spells to be instantly done with, for example, homework. However, the fantasy goals mentioned in the Career Planning are slightly different from this. The term emphasisez the importance of differentiating the goals we want and the goals we are willing to work for. I hope to work hard for all of my goals. At the present, my main problem is that I don't have enough goals to strive for. I may outside of the norm by saying that I would rather have a job I enjoy than a job that pays well. However, the problem is that I don't know what job I will enjoy. Therefore, my current fantasy goal is to find out what major and then profession I want to go after.I truly hope it is not a fantasy to find a job that will make me happy.


I feel some disagreement with the Carrer Planning book on its chapter on "Understanding Cultural Diversity" (Chapter 6). It mentions the importanc eof understanding the inevitability of rascism. I feel like race should not hold any importance. If more people began to feel this way there would be no need for understanding all racial view. People need to appreciate diversity but without holding it as a huge part of life. Rascism has not gone away. I know that. But, if more people started to adopt the belief that race doesn't hold that much significance then rascism might begin to fade. I realize I may be ignorant on the issue but I have stated my beliefs.

"Glass Ceiling"

The "glass Ceiling" is referring to the invisible bar that creates a barrier in which people can rise no further. This is usually involved with jobs. It used to be that if you work extemely hard and use your intelluigence; there was a possibilty in moving upward. However, that system has become much more lateral than vertical. This outcome scares me. I want ot be successful in my fute but it sound slike there may be an invisibler restriction on success. I want to enjoy my future profession first, however I am hoping for succes to support the people that I care about.

"Peeling back th onion"

"Peeling back the onion." This phrase first reminds me of the movie Schreck. I am guessinf most people have seen the movie but if not I can describe the scene I'm thinking of. The ogre is trying to explain himself to his donkey friend sby saying that ogres are like onions. The donkey is completely lost at this analogy when he concludes ogres must make people's eyes water like onions. However, the ogre explain that it is because they have different layers; just like onions. The fact of the matter is the people have layers too. "Peeling back the onion" refers to the action of reflecting on one's past to uncover clues to the authentic self. I have tried to do this a number of time. When I was a child I enjoyed ebing creative. Whether pretending out blancket forts were huge castles or having in-depth battle scenes with my old action figures; creativity was a blast. I loved adventure. Since there were no real adventures available, I made them up. What does this mean to me now? I need a profession in which I can experience some adventure. However, I have been having trouble finding this profession.

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Being Yourself

"Honesty is the best policy." I have been told this so much that I am beginning to think that there is some truth in it. However, how does a person manage to completely act how they normally act in every given situation. For example, I enjoy being social and energetic around friends and those I am comfortable with, however in serious situations I feel that I must be as serious as the situation itself. I don't like this reaction. I would rather be myself in every situation. I'm not currently sure of a solution. But, the way I see it is that the sooner I can fully understand and be myself; the sooner I can decide on a major that defines me.

Potential Career: Actor

Who doesn't love the movies? Movies create secret agents that save the world, people with super powers that defy the laws of physics and monumental wars in history come alive. I have looked up the people who act in these movies with awe and amazement. How do they do it? They become another person. Actors and actresses change their personalities to entertain milions of people. I wonder how it would feel to know that you just made a million people laugh with a funny joke in a movie. Being an actor would be sweet. Money would not be a problem if i were succesful. However, there lies a major problem. The likelihood of my become an actor is unlikely. I have never even performed in a play. I have wanted to, however peer pressure told me that plays were uncool. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to listen.

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College life is a paradox. It is probably the only place I can think of that allows you to go from having the best time of your life to some of the most difficult moments of your life within moments. I have a lot of fun hanging out with friends. However, the schoolwork has not been any fun at all. Possibly, this could be because I have not begun to take the classes that I like. But, I have the problem that I don't know which classes I might like.It all makes for a confusing place. Sometimes people run wild playing games while other times people become living statues in classes where its all serious and no games. I feel I'm experiencing to oppisite levels of fun. I want to find the in-between of college life. I don't know how this can be achieved but I hope that I din out. Friends of mine keep dropping out and it confuses me. I'm no smarter than they were so what am I doing here? I feel like I'm looking for answers in the wrong place. Who knows though; this is the nature of a paradox.


Time is the one thing that every person in the world must do battle with. Some people are wishing they were older faster while others are reminiscing of their younger days. At the same time, people are fighting to get to work on time or to complete that huge research paper due the following day. Time is difficult, however it is completly natural. An obvious statement is that as we age we gain experience. The less obvious statement is that aging can be seen is a good thing. I hope to always feel that way. I have seen and been one of the people that expresses loathing for aging. Soemtimes, I really do wish I was back in grade school where ebryhting seemed so easy and laid out for me. However, I hope to keep a more positive attitude. Better yet, I will set a goal for myself to be more positive. While the future is cloudy and uncertain; time will tell.

Mid-Life Changes

My parents have dealt with their mid-life changes in a succesful way. When I become an adult, I hope to be able to do the same. Looking back, I want to be happy with everything I have achieved. Both my parents were not completely pleased with everything in retrospect. However instead of sulking, they did something about it. My father has made a monumental transition in my jobs while my mother has obtained a job after twenty years of being an at-home-mother. While I hope to be happy with everthing during my mid-life change. I believe that I will inevitably find something to my distaste. I also hope to be able to make the different to make my life better.

Social Pressures

Social pressures are everywhere. I can't leave my dorm room without feeling these pressures. They are why people feel they need to dress up, or stay clean, or wear matching outfits, etc. Social pressures affect the way people live. I have had many different thoughts for a future profession. However, with every potential candidate I'm forced to think of how society will react. "I can't become a nurse, thats not manly." "I cant work at McDonalds, everyone will think that I'm a loser." These thoughts are some of these most detrimental idea any person can think of. The truth of the matter is that if people want to do something (within reason) than they should be able to do it without society telling them they can't. I hope to live by this in the future. My goal is to find a profession that I enjoy; whether or not it's trhe social "norm."

October 14, 2007

Potential Job: Professional Soccer Player

I had a dream the other night. I was playing in a serious soccer match. Both coaches were yelling and the players were running at top speeds to win the ball. My team was doing well, developing the ball and creating scoring opportunites. Everyime the ball was passed to me, I knew exactly what to do with it or whom to pass too. It was an aweseom feeling. Now I know Ricky and a few others will laugh at this but being a professional soccer player would be sweet. However, it is an unrealistic fantasy. I like soccer and playing it professionially might be fun but I'm not and won't be good enough. I just like to think of unrealistic jobs because the unrealistic can be horribly dismal. I imagine myself showing up to the office in one of these "realistic" jobs in a soccer outfit and then kicking a soccer ball directly at my jerk-of-a-boss. That vision makes me smile :)

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Gender and Jobs

I don't think gender should have anything to do with professions. If there is something someone wants to do, they should do it. Men can be nurses, or teachers or homemakers while women can be corporate leaders, mathmaticians, or scientists. I know many of the gender roles are diminishing, but they are still present. In less obvious ways, men are raised to believe they should be jobs defined as rugged and manly. At the same time, women are whispered to be housewives or jobs involving care. I don't know what profession I would like to take part in. But, if I choose to be a nurse then I'm totally cool with that. Some historicall figures have been people dominating in areas that don't agree to their sex. For example, one of the people who discovered DNA was a women. Also no one lectured Dr. Spock when he was giving maternal advice. All I am saying is go for whatever dream you have despite gender stereotypes.

Potential Job: Scientist

Isn't it cool to create? I mean there are so many awesome things in the world that mankind has created. I take a walk to the general store and I see amazing things: cars, bikes, buildings, trash cans with twirling lids, socks! I mean so many things. Many ways a person creates involve science. I think it would be awsesome to be the super smart people that throw on those white lab coats and then create some new form of glue that sticks to everything! Scientists often combine chemicals in new ways and accidently create awesome products. A lot of every-day items were produced on accident: like ketchup! All I know is that if I were one of those scientist who created somethong awesome: I would be psyched! A few complications could occur which include the facts that I am lousy at math and my chemistry grade is not fantastic. I may need to work really hard if I want to become a scientist.

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Whose Invite to my "Party"

At my party, I want there to be a lot of artistic people. Why? Because artistic people are flippin awesome! I honestly don't know if I'm an artistic person or not but what evs. Artistic people say whacky things that make everyone laugh. I mean if you take out a cake and sing happy birthday to someone. An artistic person will all of a sudden whip out there guitar or lute or harp or whatever it is artistic people make music with. Then everone will "Oooh" and "Ahhh" as they play their 'thingy' and the party is rolling. I think I would like to be an artistic person. Art doesn't only mean music, art is the creativity people have to come up with new ideas. Instead of giving people the normal gift of money, an artistic person will buy a hoola hoop and make the giftee twirl the hoola hoop around their waist in front of everyone! That is awesome! My form of art could be writing or maybe invenitng some sort of gaming system. The truth of the matter is, artistic people have the creativity to apply there skills to tons of different fields.

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Possible Job: Veterinarian

I love animals. Any time that I was having a bad day in High School, I would come home and play fetch with my dog. Somehow, it would always make me feel better. Thinking about that has made me think of being a Veterinarian. It follows logically that if I like animals maybe I will like taking care of animals. One major problem I am just now starting to see: I dont know if I am spelling Veterinarian right....... I really hope I am. Another problem is that in order to help animals, sometimes you have to perform surgery on them. I dont mind blood, but I don't know if I could splice open a happy bundle of fluffy fun kitty cat. Do you know what I mean? I like petting and playing with pets but I don't know about like dissecting them. Sure they say its all for the animals own good. But what about a neutor or a spade? Is it an animals own good when you whack off its "you-know-what?"

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Myself as an Old Guy

Just a few moments ago, I imagined myself as an old dude. What I got out of it was that I am going to be an awesome nerdy old guy. I'm going to go skydiving, play intense video games, make fun of younger people, go biking, go camping and much more. I'm gonna be the seventy-year old person that never grew out of being a kid. After imagining this, I begain to think of what it may take to get there. All I know is that if I'm going to have that much energy when I'm really old, I'g gonna have to find a job that I will enjoy. In that way, I can spend 40 or maybe only 6 years working and then the rest of my life "playing" That would be awesome! I also want to have enough money to spoil my grand kids so I may have to win the lottery or something too ;)

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Job: Zamboni Driver

I think being a zamboni driver would be awesome! What is a zamboni driver? Imagine driving on this cool machine, gliding over ice and leaving a crystal clean surface of ice behind you. Once you are done, kids of all ages come out laughing with their ice skate on and they jump onto the ice in glee. That is what it means to be a zamboni driver. Even though that sounds cool, I dont believe I will ever be a zamboni driver. First of all, I wouldn't make very much money and second of all, it simply isnt realistic. Sure driving around on ice while sippin hot chocalate would be fun at first. However, I would get bored and move on to something else in a very short amount of time. Not to mention, I have terrible luck with all things mechanical. If I wasn't careful, I bet i would accidently leave my zamboni on or something and it would be riding around crazily with a ghost driver. Eventually, all the snow would melt and everyone would be sad :(

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How to Deal with Stress

How does one deal with stress? In the course of a lifetime many people never find the answer to this question. Personally, I am still not really sure. The "Career Plainning" book by Donald H. Blocher (et al) mentions adolesecence as the optimial time for stress by calling it "storms and stress." I would agree that that is a time period involving a lot of stress but it is not the only time. For example, right now I feel stressed because I need to write a lot more blog entries. How do I deal with it? 1) I ignore my problem or 2) I take care of the problem or 3) I explode!. Luckily, I have not had to resort to the third option yet. Stress management is important, and I hope to find excellent ways of dealing with stress in the future.

October 5, 2007


Picture this: You're slouching in your chair during a class lecture. You stopped listening to your teacher's monotonous voice and are now thinking of your soft bed and how much you miss it. Then you start to notice the room is getting warmer and your chair is getting more and more comfortable. Your eyes ignore the teacher and find a blank random thing to look at and you slowly lose yourself in thought. You have escaped your arbitrary reality to a place where you imagination is the only restriction. You are daydreaming. Personally, I love to daydream. It makes any long day go by a lot faster. Also, a person can learn a lot from their daydreams. For example: I have daydreamed of being a video game designer/edito, actor, writer and a scientist in my adult life. These are apparently good cues as to what I might do in my future. These all sound like good professions but are they realistic? Do I have the skill and talant to be a writer or actor? I don't know. A scientist or video game disgner/editor might be more realistic. It seems daydreams are good at showing a few options as to what I might what to do but I continue to be confused.


September 23, 2007


My 10th grade government teacher once asked my class this question: "What would life be like without challenges?" At first, my classmates and I just stared at each other with blank thoughts. Then, with a few seconds of thought I envisioned pure and utter catastrophe. Challenges, as I understood in my 10th grade class, are a necessity of life. We need challenges to push forward and meet certain goals. After asking my class that question, my government teacher went on to assign my class to make a list of 10 goals we hoped to achieve in our life times. I can't remember everything I wrote down but the top 3 were something like this: 1) Go skydiving! 2) Run a marathon 3) Drive a zamboni. These goals represent challenges. My 10th grade gov't teacher wasn't just telling me to write these things down but to go out and do them. So far I have only achieved 1 of these: running a marathon. Challanges and goals are important because they can help describe what things I like to do. They also make me think about how I will be able to achieve them. Running a marathon was probably the hardest thing I've ever done but it was well worth it. My next challenge is to find what I want to do for a profession in my future.

Developmental Crisis

Merriam-Webter's Online Dictionary defines a crisis as "an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending." One crucial point I experienced was when I failed kindergarten. I can't remember everything in vivid detailb but I will do my best. I had been having trouble in kindergarten and I couldn't get any extra help. It was a huge class and the teacher didn't have any time to spare to be helping me. Anyways I repeated kindergarten and continued my grades up until the 3rd grade. That was when I realized that I was a year older than all of my classmates. I felt dumb so I decide I wanted to skip a grade to be put back into my correct age group. The way I saw it was that I had a problem and I needed to fix it. So i did. I got tutored and took some tests to officially skip a grade. This experienced shaped my academic life and has made me a better student.

What is Unique About Me?

In order to understand what it is I want to do in my life, I am going to need to understand myself. This is a paradox. If I knew exactly who I was than I would have no problem figuring out where I want to go and who I want to be. Therefore, I will start with one question: what is unique about myself? Well, ever since a child I have considered myself as creative. Imagination can make even the most arbitrary momemts a little more exciting. For example, instead of paying attention in my math class, I would often imagine different adventures in which my math teacher was the antagonist and me; the valiant protagonist. Somtimes I would prevail, other times my sinister math teacher would succeed in making my life miserable. Imagination? What can I do and where can I go with that? One idea I have been beginning to form is some sort of video game creator or story writer. I enjoy video games so I figured this could be a possibility.

One of my favorite video games:

September 10, 2007

My Dream Home

Where do I want to live? There are countless places and countless possibilities but I am fairly certain that I would like to live some place warm. Minnesota winters are simply not my thing. Harsh wind, frostbitten fingers and devastating winter storms define my opinions of Minnesota winters. I love being outside and that is harder to do when it is 50 below and everything is frozen. California, Texas, maybe even some place more exotic like Spain would be a better choice for me.

>>this is a picture of something i might have in mind ^