December 9, 2007

What adulthood means to me

What it means to be an adult can mean alot of diffrent things. Some think its when your 18, other 21, while others think its based on other factors such as college or having a good job.

To me being an adult is based on many things, evan at the age of 23 i still dont realy consider myself and adult. Things like being machure, making wise decisions, putting others first, having both book smarts and street smarts, (and believe me theres a hug differance between those) the thing i find least affecting to being an adult is age.
While leagely im an adult i do not realy feel like an adult. Sure im machure, can hold a good job, pay my bills and so on. But i think one of the big splits is doing what you need to do when you dont want to do it, as well as having the ability to get or do something for yourself but not doing so. Guess i feel kind of odd being a 23 year old freshman and taking classes with alot of 18 year olds. (damn youngins *shakes fist*) get off my lawn!!

why college is important outside of the obvious

Everyone knows that college is important for more than just one reason. Better job, more respect etc, etc, etc. While these are some of the bigger factors of going to college many people still miss possably one of the biggest reasons to go to college. Im writing this today because after reading a few blog posts by other people about the amount of feedom they have and that there are no "restraints". This brings me to a my point, or the missed point depending on how you look at it. The thing is that college is not so diffrent from being in high school and living with your parents. It always people to slowly transition into the "real world". it also provides a much needed structure that i myself was not granted, being that i went strait from high school to living alone and working in less than 12 hours is what makes this stand out to me.

college alows us to leave our homes but keeps us in a familiar atmosphere of having authority over our heads such as both teachers and our own peers. Many people think that going to college is the same as being on your own and making your own decisions, in some ways it is, and others its not. college also allows us the time to properly adapt to not having parents around in a much less harsh way. And on the other side it allows for an easier transion on the parents side as well

in my opinion these are some much needed things in many peoples lives that is often overlooked about the whole college experiance

November 2, 2007


so i got a new kitty on tuesday, me and my girlfriend drove all the way to st. cloud mall just to get it too. its a calico and we names her athena. she is very nice and purs all the time. i love cats for some reason i do i do.

it kind of sucks though because we are not supposed to have cats in my appartment but i got one anyways. got to keep her on the downlow but she is so nice i think it would suck if they took her away. today she is sick though. she ate something not good and got sick and shes been sleeping all day. anyways i know its random but o well

October 5, 2007

Getting your work done on time *explicitive*

Ah the fun addage of getting your work done on time. Being in college now we dont have mom or dad "the bad guy" on out butts all day telling us to get our homework done. Our time is our own to do what we will with it. But dont let that fool you, missing an assignment here or there can hurt you. The thought of "o ill do it tomarrow" is nice but will you realy if your already putting it off now. What if you have more work to do tomorrow, now you have twice as much to do, so what gets left ourt for tomorrow this time? these things can add up quite fast and its easy to get overwhelmed next thing you know its exam time on chapter 10 and youve just got done with chapter 8. This is one of those problems i have myself, not that i have "better" things to do but i just dont wanna do the homework right now, or you wanna wait till your "inspired" to do it. Well this dosent work and from what ive learned you should do the things you like the least, first. As well the whole study 12 hours strait before the test never works either, this is because you can only remember around 7 things at any giving study period. Guess i need to work on that some eh? just look, its friday morning and im blogging now, mwahahhahaa anyways .......

day dreams aka the stuff you would rather be doing

day dreams, we all have them. Most people have them when they are bored or dont wanna be where they are at the givin time. The things you day dream about are unique only to you but can be about anything that happens to wander into your mind. Myself i spend alot of time thinking / daydreaming about modifying my car. sounds kind of cleche with the whole car/guy thing but you cant avoid all the cleches. While i love dealing with cars or more like
"i like dealing with the cars i like in a performance orientated way" and it would be nice to own a performance shop i do not thing that it is a career possabiliy for me. Part of this is because being a shop owner or just working in a shot typicaly means you need to own all the tools you use including and specialty tools. this can be extremely expension 100k$$ plus. As well i do not have much time or patiance to work on somone elses car vs working on my own, so for me this is going to be more of a hobby for me throught my life. I dont see this changing much because as the technology changes and the cars change they become more interesting to me.

Happiness again

You might ask yourself what is happiness, or who or what makes you happy? Ive noticed that very few people will say that they themselves make themselves happy, and normaly say that another person is responsible such as there family or there friends.I think part of this is because people dont realize that there happy unless they are with other people, and that might be because if your with a group of people the next day you can reflect and talk about the good time you had the night before and add some kind of confirmation the the happiness gained from the experiance. Another thing might be that people dont realy notice that what they do for themselves makes them happy. Things such as doing good on a test, buying a car, completeing some kind of project you have been working on for a long time, while these things also make you happy you dont realy notice it untill you have been recognized for your achievment. People place more enphisis on other people seeing what they have done and being praised for it than they do from the personal satisfaction for completeing the task.