December 3, 2007

Dealing with stress and tension...

In order for me to deal with stress or tension I usually sit in my room and read a book or walk through things in my head htat would make me feel better and less stressed. Another thing I love to do when I am down in the dumps I get in my car and jsut drive and blare my music and sing out loud to get rid of my stress anf frustration it really works im telling ya! Other times I would ask a friend or twot o go out to a movie or out to supper to just get away from the normal everyday things and have some time away and that always helps too!

Quality of Life Factors

The three most important life factors for me would ahve to be: raising children, understanding self and health and personal safety. I have raising children as my number one because taht is the most important factor more me as of this point my main goal is to raise my son. Second is understanding myself, this class has really helped me to look deep into myself and learn new things about myself I never knew it seems as though I go day to day learning more and more about myself and it's a great feeling. Health and Personal Safety was my thrid choice because in order to live a happy life you need to feel safe and secure and know that nothing is going to happen to you and that you are healthy and living life to it's fullest. The three least important would be expressing onself creativeity, reading about,listening to, or watching concerts, sports,etc.., and participating in sports, active recreation or hobbies. I believe that in life you would be able to live without these three things. Expressing oneself creativity to me is like you express yourself everyday in each and every thing you do. The media is just another thing in life that you really don't need it's just there for entertainment, everyone needs entertainment but there can be many other ways to be entertained. participating in sports would have been in my top three last year probably but you don't need that to life life either it's there for you to have fun and enjoy yourself, as your get older things change and you have different perspecives on things you like and dislike. Hockey was my life I played hockey from thrid grade until I found out I was pregnant I was supposed to be a captain my senior year and was the third leading scorer of the team. when I found out I was pregnant I was devastated only because I couldn't play hockey and tahts one thing in life I loved so much!

Relationship with Parents

My mother works here at the University in the Science and Math office. My father works at Hancock Concrete as a purcahsing agent. Growing up was very difficult for me because my dad was in the National Guard my whole life growing up and we didn't really get to spend as much time with him as we should have. My mom pretty much raised the three of us kids the times my dad was overseas and at training every other weekend it seemed. I love both my parents but my mom is closest person to me I can talk to her about anythign and everything. Since I hit an obstacle earlier than I thought I would have in life I am still living at home my freshman year in college, it makes me feel like I'm set back a bit but it is great to have my parents to help me raise my son. I work about 4 nights a week and they are there to watch him when I work. Without my parents support I don't know where I would be today, they truly mean alot to me.

Picturing Myself in Old Age

Noone really ever wants to think about things like this because they are kind of depressing! When I think about beign an old lady I think about the ladies at my church who make the lunches and help out with cleanign the church and decorating it. This is the type of old lady I think I will be. I would love to be someoen that younger people could look up to and come to with questions or interviews about life or such things as that. Waht I did notice though about older women is that they tend to cut their hair short, but as for me I don't think as of right now I'd want to have long hair but my future ideas might change as I get older!

This period in my Life...

When I was younger I never really though about waht college would be like I just kept thinking about what I wanted to be and how I was going to starta family and have a huge house. Being in college gives you way more responsibiltiy than waht I expected. Procrastination is one thing I am terrible at. As for this point in my life, I am a single parent going to school full time and working a part-time job, 20 hours a week. Right now in order for me to care for my son this is waht I need to do and this is what I need to be doing to get through life. I never even thought about what life would be like with a child at 19 but as he gets older life becomes much easier. Att eh end of the day I just can't wait to pick him up from daycare and he smiles when I walk in the door! It's the best feeling in the world!

October 10, 2007

Exploring possibilies, probabilities and choices

Doing the activity on different careers, and what your personality is like and what jobs would fit your type of personality really helped alot on making career choices even though I already know what I want to go for it still gave me a lot of ideas on other jobs i might be interested in also! I definately found out bby doing the card sort and the activities in the book that I fit in the Social category for jobs teh second category I fit into is conventional. These two categories make a lot fo sense because they fit into what things i like to do best.

Aging and Affecting Closest Relationships

For me everyday I feel lik eI'm becoming more and more mature growing out of the kid stage and now into real life and reality. I feel like I'm aging qiucker than most people my age because I am already a mom, which is really weird but it is going great! As to aging and relationships, after high school graduation I felt like I was never going to see my classmates ever again because we were such a small class and all going different directions. After making all those close relationships they all kind of went separate ways which is sad. Now taht i am in college you start new relationships with new people which is like a whole transformation/starting over like the beginning of high school years. At the end of college I don't know how I would feel about aging, it is stressful for me to watch my parents go through the death of there parents. i love my mom and dad to death and aging scares me in the reason that I don' want to have to go through that either. Life is life and you just have to make the best of it even though you age day to day.

September 28, 2007

Meaningful Work

For me, i would like a steady job where I wouldn't have to dive around all the time place to place. I want a full time job with set hours. The field of study i've been wanting to get a job in for the longest time is Radiology. To me, radiology wold be a meaningful would be able to help others, be around people 24/7 and not sitting in a cubicle by yourself. I like being able to work with people and satisfy them. i have had the same job now for 4 1/2 years. I want a job also that you can make your way up to the top. Like the job I have now, when I started 4 1/2 years ago I was the underdog with no experience and now that I have stayed there this long I am a manager and get to teach the underdogs what to do, and it's a lot of fun!

September 24, 2007


I believe that happiness is when you are content and have no mixed have no worries or regrets. You can sit back and relax and nothing bothers you or stops you. In order to be happy it's up to yourself. Even though many things/people may cause you to be unhappy you are the one that is in control of dealing with the situations you can make them better or worse depending on how you cope with things. Everyone does have ups and downs but in order to get into those ups and out of the down all has to deal with how good you can handle your own emotions.

September 21, 2007

Future Plans

When I was younger I went through the stage I think every child goes through when they think of waht they want to be when they grow, teacher, nurse, etc. After doing different job shadows my senior year I particularly liked the Radiology field. At first i was thinking a radiologic technologist, but to narrow it down I would love to be a sonographer (specialize in ultrasounds). What also helped me know what it was I wanted to go for, I had my son 3 1/2 months ago and having all the ultrasounds made me like the job even more! So for my future plans I hope to become a Sonographer and work in a bigger city not too big at least bigger than Morris and support my son.

September 19, 2007

My Dream Home...

My dream home would have to be in minnesota because i would not want to leave my family, because all of my family lives here. i want a house on a lake front with lots of windows, especially to watch the sunrise in the mornings. Living on a lake would be so relaxing. i have always wanted to live on a lake ever since i was a young girl. I would go to my cousins cabin adn just sit out on the dock for hours and swing my feet in the water. i want my house to have 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms a huge kitchen. I also want my house to be really open with a huge fireplace. This is a picture of house I would want as my own!...">">