December 3, 2007

College Acceptance

After reading all the information on what one needs to include with his/her resume I came to the conclusion everyone in college has already made a resume and cover letter in order to get into college. It seems a college application and scholarship applications are just mini resumes and scholarship applications. A resume has many of the same qualities a college application has. You list your activities, honors, grades, and talk honestly about yourself in order to get accepted. The only major difference between the two is a resume contains more “adult? information if you will. You move on from high school to college and need to include internships and work related experience just as to apply for school you include school experience. Cover letters are also a lot like scholarship essays. You need to state what your purpose is for both of them, why you think you are the best candidate, and you can include some qualifications.

Writing a Resume

When I was in 11th grade, I took a class called Careers in which we practiced writing resumes and cover letters. However, I barely remember anything which involved resumes and cover letters from that class besides our class criticizing our teachers resume and cover letter he put up for an example. Our principal came in and talked to us about how to write a good resume and cover letter, and I just remembered you need to make sure it is professional and has no spelling errors. These two things I now think are common sense. However, from reading this chapter I have gained insight to what a cover letter and resume is actually suppose to contain. I really didn’t know what content was supposed to be in these two things, and from this chapter I now have a pretty good idea. I am glad I found this information now because I will be able to start a rough resume and cover letter this summer as I will be working at a hospital or nursing home.

November 26, 2007

Spiritual Care

I am a very religious person and have a close intimate relationship with God in which I try to grow in and strengthen everyday. However, sometimes this is not always easy. I am challenged and ask questions all the time because I dig deeper and deeper into myself all the time. I feel like my religion helps me feel like my life has a purpose. I feel I can use nursing to fulfill this purpose also. I want to live in Windom were I grew up. I know most people in Windom are Christians but not really practicing Christians. I hope when I am someone’s nurse, even if they are not a Christian, I can help them become closer to God. Even if it’s just by example, they can see how I act around others, and maybe it will help then or even change their lives for Christ. This is my goal in life and I believe that is why each and everyone of us is on this earth-we just have to use the talents God gave us and our purpose will shine through to the world for God.

Mental Care

I have an extremely strong support system from my family and friends which gives me mental and emotional support. I can talk to my parents about anything and they are extremely helpful. The most stressful time I’ve had this year was coming to college which I’m sure was just as stressful for most freshman. I thought Morris was the end of the world for me at first. Thankfully I had a good support system and was able to talk to my parents and friends who really understand me. They were a big part of the reason I made it though my first month of college sanely. I am really glad I have the support system I do. It may not be extremely big with co-workers and things, but it is enough for me because the people care about me and know me extremely well. Because of this they put my best interest in mind which really helps me and I do the same for them when I am helping them.

Physical Self-Care

I know, just like 99% of Americans, I could have a better diet then I do know. My diet is really reliant on the fact I am always on the go. I was especially like this last year when I was in high school since I lived on a farm 15 miles away from town. When my family went in everyone went in and stayed until everyone was done. Because of this, we ate out a lot, but we mainly went to Subway which is one of the best possibilities. When at Subway, I would still make conscious choices about my food though. I normally just got a veggie sub with a glass of water and an occasional cookie or chips. However, I did (and still do) lead a very active lifestyle. In high school I was a three sport athlete and was involved in almost every club you could think of. I burned a lot of calories at practiced everyday so eating out so much didn’t have that great of an effect on me. Now in college I still work out 3 to 4 times a week. I would like to work out more but sometimes I just can’t find the time and keep myself sane. Exercising does relieve stress for me though so I love exercising whenever I can. Also, I really do not eat out since coming to college and food service offers a variety of healthy choices so my diet has been pretty well balanced.

November 19, 2007

Highly Stressful Situations

One extremely stressful situation I had all of my junior year was I had to plan our prom. This was a stressful situation because I had to get my whole class to work together at one time which was extremely difficult. It seemed at times I had a million things to do for prom plus take care of my classes and be a daughter, friend, girlfriend, sister, granddaughter, etc. It was especially stressful the month before prom. However, I was able to get through the situation with the help of my family and friends. I had a lot of people help me with little things which had to get done for prom which made my life a lot easier. I don’t know what I would have done without these people. The main people who helped me were my mom, and my friends Jenna, Missy, Kim, and Colin. During other stressful life situations these same people always help me through it. One recent situation was college. Adjusting to college was really hard and stressful for me but I made it through with the help of these people.

Maintaining a Balance

Maintaining a balance in life is something which I am always looking to improve on. It seems when I have something to do I have a ton of things to do and vice versa. However, I feel if I keep some constants in my life, I have more of a balance. I am an extremely active person, so working out for me is something I look forward to do daily. Through this I am able to relax and just focus on me for a little bit. Otherwise, I have things I do on certain days to keep my life balanced. On Wednesday’s I go to the Newman Center and I also go to IVCF, on Tuesday’s I go to a church home group, and on Thursday’s I go swing dancing. These are all activities I enjoy and look forward to attending. Sometimes they keep me sane. However, sometimes I am not extremely busy. It is during these times I do activities I really enjoy like go horseback riding or swimming. Otherwise I watch a movie or TV show I really like which is really rare.

Lashing Out

One time I will never forget in my life is when my volleyball coach lashed out at me in front of the whole team for what seemed like a life-time. I was in 9th grade and was playing on the b-squad. A varsity setter was doing poorly in practice and Mr. Wendorff (the coach) was getting pretty upset. So then he called me over from the b-squad practice to set for the varsity instead of Cassie (the girl who was doing poorly). I set the first ball, and I set it a little to low for a girl named Danielle who had an amazing vertical. I had never set to her before, and because she jumped so much higher then I expected her to (because no one I set to on b-squad jumps that high) I set it a little to low for her. After my first set, Mr. Wendorff blew up at me. He yelled and got in my face and told me how I should have been prepared to set it higher because I knew she had a high vertical. He is a 6 foot 5 inch man who is very in-shape and buff. I was terrified when he was in my face. However, I was so nervous to set for varsity as a 9th grader I wasn’t really thinking about the verticals of each of my hitters. Because I set this set a little to low I was taken out and Cassie was put back in. After 20 minutes of practice or so, Mr. Wendorff called me over and apologized. He said it was the “straw that broke the camels back? and he took it out on me. I will never forget this-it was one of the scariest times in my life.

November 12, 2007

Success and Failure

I look at success and failure as being determined by me and God. When I accomplish something, or have success, I am excited and tell myself all my hard work paid off. Also, I am pretty religious so I thank God for giving me the ability to have success because I know he is the one who enabled me to have the success. However, I tend to beat myself up over failure. I analyze the situation over and over again and think of what I did wrong and what I could have done differently. I also think of what I can fix for next time. I don’t ever really blame God for my failures I jut tell myself everything happens for a reason and God obviously wanted it this way, so I need to deal with it, learn from it, and move on. Which can still be hard on me because I continually beat myself up about it normally until I get it right.


I try really hard to think of the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. However, this task is sometime difficult. An example this weekend would be when I got my first speeding ticket ever. My mom just told me she’s happy I’m okay, and that we’d deal with the ticket. That was a good way to analyze the situation as half-full instead of half-empty. Still, most of the time I can think positively about things, but I do find it harder to think optimistically about myself then it is about others. I like to help people with their problems and it’s really easy for me to tell them to look at the bright side of things. However, this is a harder task for me when I examine myself; if I have a problem I normally beat myself up about it. Sometimes I just need to give myself a break and not be as hard on myself which is some thing I’m working on and improving on.

Self-fulfilling failures

One of my best friends from high school has a brother who is three years older than us, his name is Cade. Cade has a friend named Tanner, and they both played basketball for our high school until they were juniors. Both of them were extremely good. Not necessarily because they practiced all the time, but because they loved the game and I mean they really loved playing basketball. This made them very passionate about the sport which made them really good at it. However, they never actually got to play in any games; the coach would put in 8th and 9th graders in (in a varsity game) before he would allow them playing time. They got so mad about it they ended up not going out for basketball their senior year. They decided they would never have a chance of playing so why go out for it? They looked at not playing during games as a failure and told themselves they would never get to, so that was a self-fulfilling failure for them both. They could have gone out and still had fun with their teammates and had fun at practice. However, the chose to miss out on their senior year (and last time to play in high school) of basketball all because of a self-fulfilling failure.

November 7, 2007

Ladder Climbing

I would like to say I am climbing the horizontal ladder, but unfortunately most of the time I am climbing the vertical ladder. I’m an extremely competitive person, so I’m always competing with others in order to push myself. I do this in all aspects of my life, school, sports, etc. I know this part of me comes mostly from sports because it is such a big part of my life. However, in some cases I find myself climbing the horizontal ladder. One case of this is when I deal with horses. I know I will never be a pro rider nor do I want to be one. I am content with just riding for fun, and riding for me to do the best I can do. As I went to college some other things like this have transferred from the vertical to the horizontal stage. An example of this is chemistry lab; I really hate chemistry especially lab, and I know I’m not the best person in the room, so I just go there to learn and to do the best I can so I can finish the class and pass it.

Simple Strengths

Three simple strengths I have are: 1) I am good at organizing and putting together events. I like being in charge of events and have had several experiences doing so. I put on our junior prom, senior class trip, and was in charge of several fund raisers for both. I guess I just never really thought of it as strength because I always thought of it as something which has to get done and not very many people would do. 2) I am a natural athlete. I’ve been playing sports since I was able to walk mostly because my mom is a gym teacher and my dad loves sports. So as the first child, I had a lot of sport toys. I’m not amazing at sports, but I can pick up a sport and be pretty decent at it fairly quickly. I guess I never really thought of it as strength because it was just second nature to me. However, I realize it is because not everyone can do it. 3) I’m reliable and always on time. I hate it when people are late because it just puts everything behind. I am always early, and people can rely on me to do things and be places when I say I will be. I never really look at this as strength of mine; I just looked at it more as a pet peeve of mine. But I realize it is a simple strength of mine.

Daily Responsibilities

When I am confronted with a task/responsibility for the day, my motto is to just get it done to the best of my ability. However, sometime this is a hard task for me as I am a perfectionist; I need to do things 110%. Because of this, I sometimes feel overwhelmed at times, and it is not because of time management but just because of plain stress. I just get really worked up sometimes and then I realize I don’t need to be all worked up and then I’m fine. However, sometimes I do go into panic mode, and my adrenaline is so high I get so many things done I can’t believe it. Overall, I am fine when given a task or responsibility, and I do it 110%.

October 29, 2007

Top and Bottom Qualities

To choose 3 qualities from the list of 15 is really hard for me because I really value many of these things. The first quality I would say is important to me is relationships with family/friends/spouse (significant other). I know these are 3 different things, but I can’t choose between the three because they are all so important to me. I love all these people dearly and would definitely feel like a part of me is missing if these people where not a part of my life. The next quality I would like is health and personal safety. I like the feelings of being healthy and safe and know my life would be really hard and I would be paranoid all the time if I didn’t feel healthy and safe. My third quality would be interesting, worthwhile, rewarding work. If I am going to do something for the rest of my life, I need to know I am benefiting society somehow and not just wasting my time and energy not helping people. I really like helping people, so this is something I need to have in my daily life which would be my work. As far as the bottom three qualities, I would like to have them, but they are more materialistic things which are not necessary to have an enjoyable life. The first would be material comfort and financial security. I have both of these things right now, and I like having them. However, I know if I had to I could live without them just like everyone else in the world does. I have never really been obsessed over material possessions, but having financial security would be really nice. The second quality I could live without is reading about, listening to, or watching concerts, sports, etc. I have never really got to go to a concert or big sports game, so I would not have a problem being cut off from the “celebrity? world. I really never pay attention to celebrities; however, I really like sports and would not enjoy being totally cut off from them. The final quality is participating in government and public affairs. I have never really paid extreme attention to politics. I think they are interesting (debates), but otherwise I really do not pay that much attention to them and think I could live without them.

Present Strengths

Right now, and for the last 5 years, I believe the thing I do best is school. I am a perfectionist and anything less than my absolute best will bother me greatly which is why, I think, I graduated at the top of my class. I do not know what it is but I just have to do everything perfect which means getting an A. However, I know this has to change in college because I know I will not be perfect at everything which is okay. As long as I give it my all, I will be able to survive. So for the next 5 years or so, I believe this will be a quality I will have throughout my college career. Once I graduate and become a nurse, I believe this quality I have will only help me excel in the nursing field, and may possibly help me get a promotion. This is something which I would like in my work. I like to be in charge of things, and I like being able to show people what to do and help them out. I have been a perfectionist all my life, and I believe I will have this quality the rest of my life. Although it may drive me crazy sometimes, in the long run it will be beneficial to me.

Changing Fantasy Goals

My greatest fantasy goal is to own and run my own ranch and be able to ride horse anytime I want to. If this ever came true, I think I would die of happiness. However, since coming to college, the most important things in my life have become apparent to me. These are my family, friends, boyfriend, my hometown and school. I really love where I come from and want to live there when I am older. Everything I love is located there, so I want to start my own life and family there. As for the ranch, it wouldn’t really fit in the lifestyle I want because Windom is not really a town in which ranches are located. Another aspect of having and owning a ranch is I would have to have the talent of above amazing with horses which I do not believe I have. I can show horses and do basic things, but there are just some people who you can tell it is what they are meant to do. Unfortunately, this is not me with horses. I just love riding them so much because it is so enjoyable, relaxing and exhilarating all at the same time. However, people do have horses for pleasure where I live which is what I would like to do; I want to have 2 or 3 horses which I can work with and ride anytime for enjoyment. I will still be able to have horses and keep them a part of my life, but I do not think owning and running my own ranch is something which will not happen in my life which is okay with me. As long as I can have horses and enjoy my life, I will be perfectly content.

October 24, 2007

Family prejudices

I never really thought anything about my family being prejudice until my aunt started dating a Hispanic man when I was about eight years old. I lived in a town with a few minorities, and my parents and grandparents never discriminated against or talked badly of any minority group. However, my aunt started to date a Hispanic guy and my grandparents were totally against it. They were so prejudice I couldn’t believe it. They did not shun her, but they were not happy with her decision, and they let her and the whole family know it. However, they now have a child together, and my grandparents are in love with their new granddaughter Gabriella.

Personal characteristics and ethnical heritage

I never really studied where I was from or my ethnic background, but this past summer, I had some family reunions and I learned a lot about myself and my heritage. I learned from my mom’s side of the family if ya ain’t Dutch, ya ain’t much. Haha, just kidding (but they really did say that). Then I found out I have German heritage from my dad’s side. My relatives from my mom’s side told me I had Dutch eyes. However, someone other than my family pointed out my German heritage. I was giving blood and while I was being interviewed, the man asked if I had any German blood in me, and I told him yes. He said he could tell by my body structure because he has girls who also have German heritage from their mother. I guess I never really thought of my body being able to identify with certain ethnic groups, but I realized it can, and it is part of me. As for family traditions, we participate in Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and a few other religious holidays. All but Thanksgiving can be traced back to my heritage also which I think is pretty cool. I guess I would really enjoy learning more about myself and how my heritage has played a role in my life.

Humans are good/evil by nature

I like the saying from the movie The Italian Job, “I trust everyone, just not the devil inside them.? This is basically how I think about humans; I believe everyone has good in them and are innately good by nature. No matter how evil a person may seem, I believe they possess at least one good quality. In general, I believe most people are, in the core of themselves, good. If people were created evil by nature how could we have the good we do today? I believe we wouldn’t have the good we do today if humans were evil by nature. However, I believe society has a great effect on many people which brings out evil characteristics people have. Still, not everyone acts upon the evil they encounter in society, and those people remain in a sense good. Yet, many people do let the evil in the world influence them and they can become purely evil or just possess a few qualities or habits of evil.

October 15, 2007

Confidence in academic abilities

I guess I would say I kind of developed confidence in my academic abilities. I have always had a hard time trusting myself so I am never totally sure if my answers are right and I always go over them several times even if I’m 95% sure they are right. I’m not one of those naturally smart people; I have to work really hard at getting good grades. All throughout high school I did work really hard and I ended up graduating at the top of my class and getting a bunch of scholarships. I guess my work ethic came from growing up on a farm; everything was done 110% of the way, and if not, I did it again. I took high level classes in high school (college classes) and I know I can write good papers and do complicated math problems. However, I would just prefer to have a second opinion. I just I just need to learn to trust myself more because I know I have the ability to succeed in whatever I do.


Just like every little girl, one of my heroes was and is my mom. She is an amazing person who I go to all the time for advice. On the flip side, my dad is also an amazing person and qualifies as one of my heroes. They are both amazing people who work really hard and never complain. They are always there for me and love and support me no matter what. When I was younger I did have a few other heroines though. My first one was Nicole Nesseth. She was a volleyball player on varsity and she was amazing, I just wanted to be able to hit the ball like her because I loved and still love volleyball. Ironically, I’m not even close to being tall enough to be a middle hitter like her, and I became a setter like my mom. The next heroine of mine was Lesley Johnson. She was on the varsity basketball team and I was the manager. She talked to me and we had a wonderful friendship. She was a great role-model for me; I am still in contact with her today. My last heroine was Shania Twain. I thought she was so cool singing up on stage when I was a little girl. I remember telling my mom while she was doing the laundry I wanted to be a singer just like her. My mom told me that was amazing and we found her address and I wrote to her. I don’t remember if I ever got anything back. However, I found I really don’t like being on stage, I don’t have a great voice, and I don’t want a life in show business. I’ve had many heroines in my life, but my constant has always been my mom and my hero is my dad. I love them both.

Sex-role socialization

When I was little I had a lot of guy friends so I ended up playing a lot of sports and just hanging out with the guys. Therefore, all throughout my life I’ve always been the sporty girl in my grade. I even told some of the guys in my grade I was going to play in MLB before they were going to. I eventually had both guy and girl friends and I never really felt any pressure to do or not do something because I was a girl. Also, my dad is a farmer, so I helped him a lot and I still do. However, my dad will choose my brother over me sometimes when he needs help. Still, this is okay with me because I’m not crazy about farming as a profession. My parents always told me I could do anything I wanted in life and so I believed them and I still do. Even though I’m choosing nursing as a profession, I believe it’s because it is what I want to do in life, not what I “should? do in life.

October 9, 2007

Parental Relationships

I have always had an extremely close relationship with my parents, especially with my mom. My mom and I are able to talk about anything. However, right now there is a little bit of stress between me and her about church. This past year I've become very interested and active in two churches; one of them is our family church (Catholic) and the other is Baptist. My mom has always been Catholic, and so she values it a lot, but the church is not active for the youth like it used to be. Also our pastor is really not cool. I told him about my mission’s trip and was going to ask for some financial help from the church, and he just laughed at me which upset me quite a bit. The Baptist church I started becoming involved in has an extremely good youth program on the other hand, and I learned so much from them. For me it's really not about being Catholic or Baptist, I just want to be somewhere where I'm learning and being challenged, and I feel the Baptist church does that for me more than the Catholic. When talking with my mom about it, she understands and tells me everyone has to make the choice which is right for them. However, she really wants to go to church as a family and stuff so she makes me feel guilty about not going to church with them because she knows I'll feel really guilty and go to church with them. I think it's just hard for my mom to understand I don't really care if I'm Catholic or Baptist because being a Catholic is so important to her along with all the Catholic traditions. My dad and I talk, but not as much as my mom and I talk. I'm feeling stress from my dad right now because I know I'm going to have to transfer schools to be a nurse. Being the banker my dad is, he doesn't really want me to change because I have really good scholarships here. He just wants me to finish out the year here and then go to nursing school. However, he doesn't really understand there are no more nursing classes for me to take which would benefit me for the nursing school I want to go to. Therefore, I want to go to Northwestern Bible College for the 2nd semester and take some religion classes which really interest me because I can't get into a nursing program until next fall. So, he just wants me to stay here for financial reasons; however, I want to challenge myself and learn more spiritually. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens next with that.


About two years ago, my aunt told our family we were going to have a new baby cousin in out lives. This would have been wonderful, but she is not married and this was a major problem in with our entire extended family. We didn't shun her or anything, but we knew she compromised her values, and that was wrong to us and her. The father and her had been dating for 8 years and living together for 3 when he cheated on her. She kicked him out and then 2 years later took him back, and that is when she announced she was pregnant. She was extremely upset with herself because she renegotiated her values for her boyfriend and ended up pregnant. The whole family still supported her, but not her decision. Also when they moved in together, she renegotiated her values because she (and our family) doesn't think people should live together before they are married. However, everything is okay between her and everyone else, and we have a cute little girl cousin who gets way too much attention! This is a great example in my life in which a midlife person renegotiated aspects of her life.

Feelings about Aging

When I think about myself aging I get two different perspectives. I think, wow it would be really nice to not be in college right now because it just seems like college is going to take forever. On the contrary, I know when college is done I will think it went by way too fast. Then I also think about everything I would miss out on if I skipped over college. I wouldn't meet new people or learn about myself. In my first month and a half of college, I've learned more about myself then I ever have before; it has shown me what is really important in my life and what I value. On the other hand, I think it would be really exciting to have a family, job, and my own life. However, I know I am not financially or emotionally ready to take on those types of challenges yet. I know I need to go through college so I can get a good job and establish myself before I have a family, job, and live on my own. Aging does seem to offer some promise for me though. It offers more challenges and responsibility because of living by myself or with my family. This might seem dorky but I really love high school athletics and I'm super excited to watch my kids play. I guess I just love the atmosphere it's played in and I just miss it so much. Aging, however, does seem frightening though because there are things I'm going to have to do like taxes and mortgages that I have never had to deal with before. Also, I will be responsible for another human life(s) (my kids) and that in itself seems scary because I really don't want to mess up big time or anything. Still, I know I'll figure out how to deal with them and I'll be alright.

October 3, 2007

Values in the Work setting

Values are an important detail in everyone's lives, and everyone has different ones. For me, meaningful work, helping others, influencing others and a flexible schedule are four top values for me from the list on page 40. If I'm going to do something for a large portion of my day for the rest of my life, I need to know I am doing something worthwhile. To me, this means I am helping out not only myself, but others and the world around me. This way, I can be involved in the global community per say. This is yet another reason why I think nursing is right for me; I get to learn things about things which interest me, make a living, and help others which ties into my next value of helping others. I really like helping people with problems, injuries, and daily life. This is another fit for nursing because nurses help patients get better but may also have to help the family. By helping people, I am also influencing them in the right direction; by being a nursing I would be helping people better their entire lives. In order to do this, I would give them advice and influence them on what choices would be best for them, so influencing others is another value which I want in my work setting. The fourth value which I really want is a flexible schedule because I want a family. Family is extremely important to me and I really want to be there for mine. Nursing does have flexible hours which is another characteristic that makes it fit for me.

Dream #2

This summer, I went on a mission’s trip to Rwanda, Africa. The whole experience was amazing and I really want to return to Africa someday. I guess I just loved being there, and I feel in love with the people. Everything in Africa is so simple (most of the time) because no one has or needs the hurry up and get it done good and fast attitude. People just take life as it comes and do the best with it they have. It was so much fun being able to interact with the people; they are some of the friendliest people I've ever met. I mean, I couldn't even speak their language, but if I would attempt to say hello in Kinyarwandan, their faces would light up instantly. Then you would be able to interact with the person. Also, people always wanted to translate for you because they want to learn how to speak English. I know going back to Africa is a dream of mine, and I have thought about what if I live there for 5 or 10 years. I think that would be a great experience and option for me because I want to go back and help the people, but I do not want to leave my family and friends behind forever. Maybe once I have my nursing degree I will be able to help and educate some people about things which would improve their daily lives. I guess right now, this is totally achievable, but it is a dream which will have to wait at least until I get a college degree and a family.

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If I could do anything with my time and money was no object, I would live on a farm and ride and work with horses. I guess I've just always loved horses and have never stopped. I have shown horses a couple times and have been able to work with them even though I personally do not own any. Ever since I was a little girl, I've asked my dad for a horse for every birthday and Christmas. However, I still don't have one. Anytime I get to be around horses whether riding or watching I am enjoying myself. This is realistic, but not for me because I really want to live close to my family. The area in which my family lives in is not a place for a ranch of any type; horses are more just for leisure where I come from. This is totally okay with me because that is one major reason why I love horses so much. It's because they are relaxing and fun. Also, having horses is extremely expensive and I am not rich by any means, so starting a life based on horses would be hard because it would be nearly impossible to afford them. However, if I become a nurse, this dream can easily become one of my hobbies which would fit perfect in my life. I will be able to support myself and my horses with my nurse’s salary. So therefore, my career choice of nursing would be a perfect fit for me because it will be able to support me while allowing me to have the things I love the most, horses.

September 24, 2007

Working with diverse individuals

I have had several experiences working with diverse people. First, I went to Rwanda, Africa this summer which was a totally different culture and I learned how to adapt and operate in a different culture. I have also been a 4-H camp counselor for several years which has helped me deal with all types of children. Some have had developmental disorders and some had special needs. Because I was a counselor, I was able to learn how to deal with all different types of children. Also, right now I am learning more about different cultures because Morris has such a diverse campus. There are people from all around the world who attend Morris, and I find myself interacting with them and observing them through which I learn more about working with diverse people.

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Working in an organization with no long-term security

I really have no desire to work at a place which is going to want me to leave after a certain period of time. I want to be able to get a nursing job in a small town and work there as a nurse and raise my
family. I do not believe nursing is a career where they try to only employ people for a certain period of time and then try to make them go to a different practice. Nursing is based on years of experience
and no matter where you are working; you will have the same years of experience so you will cost the facility the same amount to be employed no matter where you are. This is yet another reason why I
think nursing is a great option for me.

Interpersonal Skills

I tend to work well with others and try to put everyone's idea together to form one idea which everyone agrees on. Also, I am good at listening to peoples problems. I guess you could say I would be a
good mediator. So, if something could not be agreed upon between two or more of my co-workers, I think I would be a good person to help them settle the dispute.

Life Roles

I have many life roles which are important to me. First of all I am a daughter and sister to my parents and siblings. This role is extremely important because my family is important to me. I am involved in their lives as they are involved in mine. Because of this relationship, I attend family events and do things with my family which takes up a great portion of my days. I am also a girlfriend which is also an important role to me. I am very close with my boyfriend and we are able to talk about everything. He is a very important part of my life and I spend quality time with him which also occupies me a great deal. Another bit role I have is being a friend. I have several friends from high school which I am still in close contact with. I care about them greatly and vis versa. Because of this, I spend time talking, helping, and hanging out with my friends. One final major role I have is being a student. This role has just changed this year because I am now a college student instead of a high school student. Different things are demanded of me and my time, and I spend a good amount of time studying and participating in college life.

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September 19, 2007


Right now, I believe I'm just past the beginning phase of becoming an adult. The book says you have to think of yourself as an adult, which I do because I'm 18, but there are many other factors which contribute to this. First of all, I'm a very young 18 year old. I'm in college and on my own, making my own decisions; however, I sometimes still consult my parents about these decisions. Another aspect of being an adult which comes to my mind is having a full-time job and family. Right now I do not want either. I've thought about what kind of job and family I want but am not emotionally or fiscally ready. Nor am I responsible enough for it either. I do know I would like to live on a farm with my family and be a nurse. I would like to have my oldest child be a boy because I am the oldest girl in my family and I always wanted an older brother. I also really want to adopt a child from Africa. I've always wanted to adopt a child from a foreign country, but since I went to Africa on my missions’ trip, I fell in love with the people. Therefore, I want to adopt a child from Africa.

Parents pattern vs. my patterns

Scary as it may seem, my parents and I have a lot in common which may be true for many people. My parents are both simple, down to earth, hardworking people. They live on a farm and have three children. They both believe the only way to get something is to work extremely hard for it, this is a lesson I learned when I was quite young from both of them. Because of this, I am a perfectionist and everything I do has to be done 110%. My parents are also religious and we attend church every Sunday as a family. Because of this, I have become extremely interested in my faith and am very active and interested in church and its activities. My parents and I have always lived in an extremely small town and I always wondered why they liked it. But now I realize why they do and I too want to live on a farm in a rural community. It's scary to think I want the same life (well close to) as my parents have given me especially because I always said I would never be like my mom and dad.

How my career plan emerged

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a teacher just like my mom. She's a gym teacher and I'm really into sports so everything just seemed to fit. However, during my junior and senior year of high school I started exploring options like nursing and physical therapy because there is no job security in teaching anymore. Especially in small towns which is where I want to live. So, I was trying to decide between teaching, physical therapy, and nursing. I decided on nursing because teaching has no job security, and in order to be a physical therapist I would need to get a biology major which I'm not crazy about therefore leaving me with nursing. I believe nursing will be a great occupation for me because I love the health field and I love helping people. One of my close friends just became a nurse and my cousin is almost a nurse also. In talking with them about nursing, they told me nursing is about helping people and creating a relationship with them. This also leads me to believe I will be great at nursing because that description is me.

September 14, 2007

Interests and Values in Life

I'm extremely excited to have a family and a close family life. However, I also want to work as a nurse. In order for this to happen my job needs to be flexible which I believe nursing is. My interests when I have a full time job and family will be my family, friends, and horses, so my job will need to be able to fit around those things. I need to be able to take a week or two off in order to go on a vacation with my family. Also, I need to be able to go to church with my family on Sunday mornings so working on Sundays is not really a feasible option for me.

My Future

Right now my plan is to get an RN degree from Southwest MN State. However, the classes I am taking right now will help me if I ever decide to get my BSN. After this semester there are really no more nursing classes I can take here so I am planning on transferring to Northwestern College in St. Paul and taking some classes I really want to before starting a nursing program. I haven't had any direct experience with nursing but I often help take care of sick friends and family and help others when they are injured. I would also help my teammates with health problems. I was trying to decide between elementary education, physical therapy, and nursing and I decided elementary education doesn't have the job stability I want. I found out when I got to Morris I would need a biology major for physical therapy and then decided I didn't want a biology major so I decided on nursing and I'm really excited about it.

September 6, 2007

My Dream Homes

My dream home would be anywhere where I could have open fields, lakes, and hills to ride horse through. I want to have a two or three level log cabin looking home with a wrap around porch. Also, my home would have a stable and pasture for my horses. The first link is to a house in Cody, Wyoming which would be perfect. The house and 79+ acres are valued at $ 1,820,000. The last link is a picture of some land by my home town, Windom, MN which would be extremely awesome also because I could be close to my family which is important to me. To view the picture, click on the mini picture on the right hand column. It is 3.54 acres and costs $74,900, so the land plus the house would average about $273,700.