September 21, 2007

Power Outages

The storms this week made me aware that technology is dependent upon that power grid working. No power? A great deal shuts down. If your office has no window, there's no natural light even to clean off one's desk while you wait for the power to come back. You don't know how much you depend on the power until it is off.

August 31, 2007

They did it again

I mentioned the switch from WEbCT Campus Edition to WebCT Vista. Well, they once again rode roughshod over users in the new switch to WebVISTA B. It took me 4 hours to create a simple home page with a title and an image, containing a syllabus and one link. Good grief. In uploading the image files, the critical link I need to upload a single file was occluded by a dialogue box that allowed you to select but not to choose anything. A dead end. If the person at WebVISTABlackboard, or whatever the name is this week, who is in charge of keeping users as happy campers reads this, I hope he/she will contact me through this blog so I can let him/her know how much they don't deserve anyone's business.

April 7, 2006

Link to ITCore's Wiki

This link will take you out of the Blog site: UMM ITCore

WebCT's change to VISTA

I had used WebCT's Campus Edition extensively for my courses. The sites were highly developed and complex, and I had created interesting Web assignments for my students. The sites and my students' Web pages in them were beautiful, and I was able to customize the colors so my sites were unique. Moreover, I was highly conversant with the technology and could easily do many things in my sites with no referrals to manuals for years.

You should see what the VISTA format did to my sites. They were ugly. Ruined. Worse, my ease of use was completely destroyed because everything had changed. The new VISTA site no longer easily loads documents from my Mac in the correct format, as the old one did. The grade book only lets me see a few students at a time, and you can't read the whole line when scrolling to a new name, so you can only guess if you've gone far enough down the list. And--not from a technology concern but from an aesthetic concern--whoever chose the colors for VISTA doesn't know what "maroon" is, because the color is closer to a "rust," which is my least favorite color.

Now, my question is: should I put all those weeks and months into developing new WebCT sites in VISTA? [Have you heard that saying about "Fool me twice, shame on me..."? If they would do this to us once, they'd do it again.]

I'm looking for a new Web course technology. What suggestions do you have?