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The first link "music assignments" will reference the handout "Poetry Wednesdays," the second link. I have used the Poetry Wednesdays handout to teach poetry techniques to my AP English students. I think using the music connection will be a good way to "sell" poetry to them. So many hate poetry because they don't see it as approachable and are quite afraid of it. If I can show them that music is very much like poetry, then I think they will be more open-minded and willing to jump into a serious analyis of the genre.


Hi Caroline,

I really like the structure of your Poetry Wednesday assignment. Is this for your AP lit class? If I may ask, how do you define a well-crafted paragraph? With my students - 10th graders, not 12th graders - there are some who probably would not be able to list 3 parts of a paragraph, much less what constitutes a well-crafted paragraph. Is it generally understood among your students what a well-crafted paragraph looks like?

How do you students do with identifying theme? A constant battle for me is getting them to understand that a theme is a statement or lesson versus a topic. For instance, the theme of Romeo and Juliet is not love, but love conquers all.

I teach poetry in both Creative Writing and English 10 classes and would love to incorporate elements of this lesson - or maybe all of it. I like the way you have broken down poetic elements into categories like word choice, imagery, metaphor, etc. I think we have been doing form versus function, and I think those terms are too abstract for your average high schooler.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Caroline, me again.

Your music assignment and mine have many similarities (great minds?). One thing that you add that I hadn't thought of was offering the perspective of someone who might not like that song. Some nice higher-order thinking involved there, and it encourages them to interact with the text in a way they might otherwise not have. Nice work.

caroline! I love the idea of looking at a piece of music from another person's point of view. I think this idea weighs heavily into understanding your own identity and personal taste. I like to say "people are different." It is a simple comment, but one few people actually understand.

I think there is so often issues in our culture because people refuse to accept that there may be any grey area involved in their personal missions in life. When you are passionate, it is difficult to understand why another person might not be. When you have strong convictions, you may feel as if others must also share these convictions. It causes problems to say the least.

In you assignment you ask people to step into another's shoes. What a great way for kids to begin to grasp the concept of another person's perspective. We all know teenagers are self-centered, it is part of the human development. At some point this very basic human desire to think only of one's self needs to be nurtured into a greater desire to have a bit of understanding for the rest of us. Nice touch in the assignment!

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