November 10, 2006

About ME

First of all, I'm a freshman at the University of Minnesota! I have almost finished my first semester and still feel like I am adjusting. I decided to come to the U to be in the Carlson School of Management. Carlson is so accommodating to your needs and very personal. Even though the University is huge, Carlson makes you feel comfortable and not lost in with mix with everyone else. This school has so much to offer and many opportunities by being in a big, bustling city. I hope to earn a degree in marketing and a minor in journalism with an advertising emphasis. The biggest change I have found from high school is there is a lot more spare time, but a lot more reading and more in-depth homework.
Aside from school, I have many interests. I love to go skiing and snowboarding in the winter! I just love snow because then I can wear hats and mittens and get all cozy and bundled up. I also like to work out and especially like to run! In the summer, I love to lay out in the sun, go boating and jetskiing, and eat ice cream. I usually listen to country music and my favorite TV shows are the OC and Seinfeld reruns. I also am obsessed with the Green Bay Packers!! Go Pack Go! All in all, life is good and I'm excited for the future.