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Designer news

Here are some links to some great new products I discovered. It's not exactly design, but I think the products found via the links below will make every designer feel a little giddy inside like a kid before christmas.
Moleskine has come out with super big sketchbooks!

Neat-o orange and black notebooks

These look awesome, and they're swedish!

Also the link to the pentagram website. I usually look at what they're up to now and again for inspiration.

Reading Color theory

I found this useful. I like knowing more about the use of color. I've become too reliant on picking a color and letting illustrator show me my options for color schemes. It's difficult to be as precise as the illustrator color scheme options, but then again hasn't it always been a matter of "eyeballing" it. I've never thought of color as something super scientific or technical but this article and dealing with inks used in graphic design has been enlightening and really fun.

Reading Chap2 problem solved

I really enjoyed this reading. A lot of it goes back to Visual literacy and understanding the forces of design, composition and context. I like it though. I love AM Cassandre's work, I remember Jim Kleug used a lot of examples by him during Vis Lit and I always loved it. One of the things I noted was how it used the Massive Attack album art as an example of erroneous design that creates amusement and little more. I see a lot of that, so I often really try to create graphics that are compelling and are in direct context to what message they are trying to transmit. It's very challenging, but I hope to pull it off as well as some of the designers referenced in the article.

What I'd really like to know about design

I would really like to know more about the business end of things. How much do I charge for freelance work, what should I expect as far as hourly or salaried compensation? Do I really need a degree to be a graphic designer? What's up with there being designers who are more like computer nerds as opposed to being artists that create commercial art? Why are there people who get into this profession who cannot draw or paint with technical skill or proficiencies? Is it enough just to know theory and be proficient with computer programs and high end digital cameras and equipment to create your image for you?

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