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I decided that I'm going to do my project using tarot cards as the source of my icons. I fund a website where I can have a computer randomly draw tarot cards and do reading for me online. I decided that what I'd do is have it draw a card for me each day and then use that card and recreate it with the understanding of it's own symbolic meanings reinterpreted visually to illustrate my own personal experience.
My first drawing was the six of cups. The card initially depicts two children with the boy handing the girl a cup filled with flowers (in the Rider-Waite tarot deck) with a tower and a house in the background and five cups in the foreground filled with similar flowers like the one the young boy is holding out to the young girl. The reading says:
Six of Cups (Pleasure): Opening your heart to the simple pleasures of life. Fond memories fuel the playful embrace of love and life. Experiencing the joy of youth. Engaging in acts of gentle kindness. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. Meeting an old friend. Other keywords describing the six of cups as it pertains to most situations are Goodwill, Innocence, and Childhood.

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