12-month study shows the benefits of walking while working extend beyond burning extra calories

New research could have important implications for marketers, consumers and researchers.

Study shows women's pricy purchases can keep rivals away from their mate

Research from Associate Professor of Marketing Vlad Griskevicius suggests childhood environments may hold the key

Research Sheds New Light on Job Search Demands

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Study helps employed and unemployed job seekers prepare for and cope with challenges

Understanding Hindsight Bias

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Prof. Kathleen Vohs's research in the September 2012 issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science

UMN study shows eating less is about reduced desire as well as willpower

UMN study finds ratio of men to women dramatically alters women's choices about career and family

Research by Assistant Professor Vlad Griskevicius finds sex ratios influence financial decisions

$250,000 grant supports research to help increase consumer demand for "greener" products