February 24, 2005

All-nighter... almost

I statyed up last night... all lat nightt and into this morning talking to a good friend of mine about life.

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Math Class...

I sit in my math class staring out the dirty window and find my self wondering whose job it is to clean. It's funny to think that I'm thinking about a specific person that I don't even know, I've never met and chances are, never will meet. I wonder, as cars pass by in a blur, if that person has ever thought of me. Have they ever looked throught that very same window into this classroom, this very desk and thought to themselves, 'I wonder who sits there, in that seat.' Probably not. But think for just a moment if they had. There's someone out there who I've never met thinking specifically about me, and I specifically about them.... I wonder who they see me as...

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February 16, 2005

This is a story I wrote for an independant study class in creative writing in highschool... let me know what you think.... WARNING it's a little long...

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Drunk Man's Words...

How can it seem so simple,
Living that is.

People do it everyday,
Every hour,
Every minute.

They never think,
How simple it is,
Until itís not anymore,

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More Pictures!

Me and my other bestest buddy Richard




Me, Kelly and Richard... Kelly's looking at the people only she can see... or something...




This picture makes me love photography...


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Little Thoughts...

living is dying and loving is hating and there is no black and white...... when you realize those things life seems just a little bit easier to take...

if at the end of the day i can look back and smile then i know it hasnt been wasted... if my hands can be the ones that help instead of hinder i know the world and I are a little better for it....

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Me (brunette) and my bestest bud Kelly making the most out of life!








Below: Me, Kelly and Crissy at Afton Alps, the local ski place.


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First Time

Hmmm... so it's my first time... That's right, I'm new to blogging, a blogging virgin! Well, here goes... these are my thoughts...

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