September 18, 2006

Where in the world is that crazy Midtown Market?

Because of the various Midtown Markets, I chose one. To no suprise, my luck lead me into the wrong part of town and to my vision of the wrong Midtown Market. This Midtown Market is located on the corner of Lake St. and 22nd Ave. and just happens to be an empty parking lot to a school when it has its off hours. So like any good student, I snapped a few pictures of my find after finally facing the truth that this was all i was going to find after 3 hours of searching. The lot was so empty, but I could feel that this was a place of great energy during the day hours. Farmers selling crops, live music, art galleries, and celebrations rocked the concrete during the day. At night, this was a different story. Just a lone puddle steadily shimmered by the light of a nearby street post. Everything was calm and tranquil beside the soft screaching of the nearby tram. After studying the area I went to the YWCA which occupied the adjacent corner and picked up a brochure which told of all the happenings the Midtown Market held. I read the rest of the brochure on my way back to the University and now here I sit... wondering if my trip was really worth it. Perhaps it was. Only time will tell if my visit to a dark parking lot in the late of the night held up to the sacrifice of precious homework hours.