OBE 2 Fanon

Fanon's view towards the bourgeois ideology in the colonial countries is critical to say the least. In this view, the bourgeois all but pillage and rape the countries that they take advantage from. He believes that the capitalist system is at fault. It churns out the need to exploit third world countries for their diamonds and any precious commodity that it might hold dear. The more that is stolen from the countries the more profit, and the more profit, the more that needs to be taken.

There is a comparison drawn between Europe at the end of the third World War with regards to Germany and colonialist countries. He brings up the fact that at the end of the world war, the countries that had been devastated demanded penance for what they had lost. This offer has never been made to the third world countries which are used for capitalist's own personal gain.

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OBE 1 Althuesser

I also found Althuessers' perception on ideologies and education to be intriguing as well.

He has a point in the fact that from birth we are trained to fit into a specific role. Focusing only on employment for the time being, we are manufactured from infants to know the basic skills in which we will need in the 'real world'. There is even marketing that teaches you how to have your baby know how to read by age two. Want your child to be successful? Have then learn multiple languages before their even in the public education system. It's not enough to simply survive anymore. We are now more and more after the elusive American dream. Were it not so ingrained into our minds that we must know how to function under these rules that we set up, there would be no 'hooked on phonics'. And with the growing push towards college, the idea that a high school degree is all you need is being pushed out the window. In order to survive you now must have a college degree. I remember when I was graduating high school that if you weren't planning on furthering your education that you were looked down on.

He also brings up that it used to be the church in which the population was controlled and 'kept in it's place' if you will. The ideology that if you didn't follow the set of rules handed down by God that you would somehow be a lesser person. You wouldn't live as full a life or be quite as successful.

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