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There are a lot of great parodies to choose from movies, tv shows, and commercials, like the movie Space Balls that is a complete spoof on the original Star Wars Trilogy, which is a great movie within itself. Of course many others have had great success: Austin Powers, Scary Movie, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story to name a few. I decided to shy away from the more well known parodies and have decided to show a few home brewed parodies that I felt did a good job poking fun at their original counterpart.

The first parody I wanted to show is a parody from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, which gives its viewers a glimpse of what the show could have been like, if it would've been written toward an adult audience.

The second parody is a demonstration of an exaggerated experience playing a semi-popular game from the early 90s known as Crossfire. This first video below is the original commercial that aired in the early 90s. The second video is a video by James Rolfe, who filmed himself playing the game the way the advertisement insisted to kids their experience would be if they played Crossfire.

The last parody is also created by James Rolfe. This video delves into the Sega vs Nintendo commercial campaign of the Sega Genesis, who ruthlessly attacked Nintendo during Saturday morning cartoons, trying desperately to show kids how much better the Sega was versus Nintendo. This first video is Sega's over the top official commercial,the second video is James Rolfe's video poking fun at Sega. the final video is Sega's even more over the the top Sega CD commercial followed by James Rolfes mock up.

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