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Midtown Market

"We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams."
Jimmy Carter

I went to Midtown Market on a tuesday, needless to say it wasn't really busy! really liked the area and it was not even close to what I expected! It reminded me a lot of the Pike Street Market in Seattle, except on a smaller, completely indoor scale. Because of this comparison I automatically had a feeling I would like the area, I love Pike Street Market and its enviornment. My intuitions were right. Even on the Tuesday I could feel the potential energy of the building and the subdeued energy that was present. I could visualize the buzz around the venders and the little restaurants everywhere, the excitment, the fun, I could picture it all. On top of this the set up of the building is condusive to conducting everyone's energy through out the majority of the building. The space is basically open only blocked of by vendor's partions, still allowing sound to travel freely. The Market also lends a cultural element, so much is represented and so much is there to be expierenced. You can feel things you've never felt before, taste things never imagined, and expierence things you would have never expected. The energy of the unknown and unexepected makes the market what it is. It creates its Idenity to some. However due to the versitility of the building the identity can be very different depending on the visitor. As I mentioned before the cultural influence that were present, well to some these things may symbolize home and the market is their "taste of home" so to speak. For others it is an adventure and entertainment. Then you need to look farther into the market, into it's less populated open areas. These symbylize a unobtrusive, easy going energy, some place to relax. It's amazing to walk from the some what chaotic energy within the alleys of the venders and come upon the extreame change of the openness. It gives off an amazing subdued and tranquill energy that you would not expect to find. Then looking closer I came to find that these areas also doubled as areas for aerobics and yoga! Basically what all this comes down to is the Market being diverse and versitale. It can be many things and above all offers a use to anyone who is looking. All someone has to decide is what kind of energy they want to surround themselfs with and then find it!