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Smoking Ban

A statewide smoking ban for Minnesota takes effect on Monday. KARE 11 reported the "Freedom to Breathe Act" starts Monday at 12:01 a.m. and makes Minnesota the 17th state to implement a statewide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. Some other local news outlets had the same AP report like WCCO and KSTP . The report lists what will be prohibited and what will remain legal. Prohibited places includes bars, restaurants, private clubs, bowling alleys, country club lounges, hotel and motel lobbies, public buses and trains, taxis, home offices where employees work or customers visit, home day cares when children are there, and smaller commercial vehicles if more than one person is present. Places not affected by the ban includes private homes and cars, designated hotel and motel rooms, buildings on family farms, cabs of heavy commercial trucks and farm vehicles, a disabled veterans camp in Washington County and tobacco shops if you're a customer trying out the products. Smoking remains legal for scientific studies, American Indian ceremonies and actors performing on stage. The ban also doesn't cover casinos and other establishments on Indian lands.