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shooting spree

Six people are dead and one is in critical condition in Crandon, WI after a 20-year-old deputy officer shot them early Sunday morning, according to a Fox Twin Cities report. The incident took place at the apartment of the shooter's ex-girlfriend. Neighbors said they heard shots at 3 a.m. Two of the dead were still in high school and four were recent graduates. One of the victims is the shooter's ex-girlfriend, another was identified by her mother as 14-year-old Lindsey Stahl. The shooter is also dead, having been shot by a sniper. The Times from the UK reported the gunman as Tyler Peterson, 20, a Forest County Sheriff’s Department Deputy. According to the report the town had been in “lockdown? Sunday morning, with residents forbidden to leave their homes as police searched for the suspect. But last night several parents still had not been notified of the deaths. They go on to give a little background info on Crandon, and touch on recent gun violence in the U.S. and how it doesn't seem to be going away.