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a conservation of energy

upon approaching the midtown global market a sense of vibrancy can be felt radiating from the very structure itself. it is located in a diverse neighborhood and stands out as the most prominent building of the site. this vibrancy is transformed into a curious expectancy before even entering the building.


once inside there is an obvious energy in the commotion of busy bodies rapidly passing eachother in apparent random objectives. this energy seems to have originated from the timelessness associated with the dissonance in the design of each shop. all in one couryard different themes are repressented through the use of diverse technologies. an aged tile design can be seen adjacent to a neon sign advertizing fresh goods.


there is also a vibrance in selection. it is rare to experience this many cultures in one area. the global market is truely a valent effort of representing global nationalities; in a short walk one can experience the tastes, art and aromas from:

-American (Cafe)
-Native America

the midtown global market is a clear example of the conservation of energy. it is created in foods prepared through cultures refined from all over the world, transfered in the ingestion, burned and released again through the movement and collision of a crowd.