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happy hippo

the name of my blog- "you'd best learn to live while you're alive"

yes, it is corny. very corny.
then again, i would say i am as well.

but it comes from lyrics from my favorite band, cloud cult. they are a local band, and in my opinion the best local band. trust me, i was very disappointed when they only came in at number 22 on the top 89 of 2008 on the current. they are holistically the greatest band i know. their lyrics are meaningful. their sound is unique. their commitment to environmental causes is unheard of as artists. their live performance is phenomenal (lead singer craig minowa's wife connie and best friend scott west are artists that paint on stage as cloud cult performs. the art work is auctioned off at the end of the show and the proceeds go to a charity supporting child medical research- as craig and connie's son died mysteriously when he was three years old. one day, i will buy one of these paintings).


this particular lyric is from the song "happy hippo" on their 2005 album advice from the happy hippopotamus.

"hey hey, my my,
you'd best learn to live while you're a alive
all you've got is what it gave you
and it can take it way
my my, hey hey
hey hey, my my
you'd best learn to live while you're alive
It's better to burn out than to fade away
my my, hey hey "

this song is about living your life while you have it. don't waste what is in front of you. do something with it or it will crumble away.

this concept is interesting. i was at a concert the other night and one of the openers played a song about how they don't want to burn out, they want to fade away. i was taken aback. why would you want to fade away? what is the point of half assing everything for a long period of time? live it out now. this is the time to live.

check out cloud cult. they are releasing their sixth album on april 8th. that night, there will be a free acoustic cd release show at the electric fetus. then they will be back to first ave on april 26th.