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Reading Discussions 9-10

---9 The Image
by Kenneth E. Boulding

Key Words:
1. Message
2. Knowledge

Messages are constantly being sent to us. They are everything that we can sense and perceive. They are what changes our image. Some may be nominal and not make a dent in our image of the world, some may have small effects, and some completely change the image we see. Messages can clarify an image or make it more unclear. The image that results can help our knowledge grow.

Discussion Questions:
1. Boulding says, "We do not perceive our sense data raw; they are mediated through a highly learned process of interpretation and acceptance" (14). What influences our senses? How does this differ from person to person? How does it effect our messages and therefore image of the world?

2. I was really interested in her point about everyone assuming that the world they are in is the same others assume they are in. I think we get that everyone has a different view of life and see things in different ways, but it is crazy to think that the room I walk into could look completely different to someone else and we have no way of knowing exactly how other people perceive things. How can we, as designers, use this as a tool?

---10 Mr. Palomar
by Italo Calvino

Key Words:
1. Awareness
2. Perception

Calvino discussed through Mr. Palomar the perception and awareness that becomes complicated as we try to look at it. Mr. Palomar tried to look at a single wave, but could not do it as the one wave was connected to so many other things.

Discussion Questions:
1. I think we've all had our moments where we just stare at something- we isolate one object from the rest of the world. Sometimes this is in examination and contemplation of the object and other times it is just to stare. What is the difference? Where does meaningfully isolating something get you? What is the point of reflection?

2. Calvino says, "the sword exists only because he is there." What does it mean for something to exist?