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Architecture and Technology

Technology and architecture. It is inevitable that as technology expands, it will make its way into every aspect of life. So, yeah, technology is always going to be a major part of architecture. Instead of trying to keep with the traditional ways, why not embrace architecture in the technological age?

Technology brings a whole new life to architecture. It starts with the way architects put their ideas onto paper. Now, it is through the computer. CAD and other programs organize thoughts. They help dimension and work with complicated numbers. It is no longer necessary to draw and redraw to get it perfect. The computer allows a designer to play around with things more. The method of designed is quickened. Beyond the process, the things you can do with the programs are incredible. Frank Gehry is the obvious example. Since he got his jet designing software, the scale and complexity of his projects have skyrocketed. What an architect can now do with the form of a building has changed completely. Architecture is always evolving, this is just the way it is now evolving.

Despite it’s benefits, it is still really important to have skills beyond the computer. I feel like even if plans aren’t all drawn out and what was once hand drawn is now done on the computer, it is important to be able to draw. Computers may be able to convey scale and details, but your drawings should convey emotion and the feel.

So I say, yes, technology and architecture are a beautiful combination. We just have to be careful not to forget the artistic aspect that computers may lack.