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February 26, 2007

Trooper Avoids Injury

By Natalie Bervig

WILLMAR - A state trooper escaped injury Monday when another vehicle ran into his squad car.

The trooper had been assisting a driver who had gone into the ditch on Highway 71 south of Willmar when another car slipped on the ice and crashed into the other car, causing it to hit the squad car as well.

The trooper was not in his car and was not hurt. The 37-year-old Willmar woman who ran into the cars was treated for minor injuries.

I didn't realize until just now that the stories are identical because they were both Associated press stories. The only difference is that the Star Tribune mentions the time of the accident. The Pioneer Press does not.

February 21, 2007

Uptown Shooting

By Natalie Bervig

MINNEAPOLIS – 18-year-old Billy Ray Deshawn Johnson pleaded guilty for second degree murder Wednesday. This plea will allow Johnson to get out of a possible life sentence, with a max of 30 years in prison.

Johnson is charged with the murder of 25-year-old Mechael Zebuhr.

Zebuhr had been visiting his sister here last March when he and his mother were robbed in Uptown after leaving a restaurant. Johnson shot Zebuhr in the head and he died two days later in the hospital.

The pioneer press story took a more personal side as they gave many details and also mentioned at the end that Johnson was crying when he appeared in court today.

The Tribune stayed with the facts of the story, and also mentioned the sentencing of the two other people involved in the robbery.

February 20, 2007

Not So Lucky

By Natalie Bervig

LUCK, WI - The body of Jason D. Madsen a 33 year-old resident of Luck, WIsconsin, was found early Saturday morning. Wisconsin police had followed a trail of blood to find the body after recieving a phone call from Madsen's girlfriend indicating he was missing.

Madsen had been at the Suzy Q Bar on Friday evening with his next door neighbor Timothy M. Lehman. People there reported Madsen had been bragging about beating Lehman in a game of poker.

Lehman is now charged with first degree intentional homicide.

The Star Tribune's account of the crime is very extensive. They go in depth as to how they found the body, and also their questioning of Lehman. They also say they are unsure of a motive.

The Pioneer Press has a much shorter story with little detail. They also state matter of factly that the motive of the murder is based on the fact Lehman owed Madsen money.

February 13, 2007

Car Chase

A man was killed today after a car chase in St. Paul. Mitchell Moua was wanted for aggravated assault and false imprisonment. There was also an outstanding federal warrant for a weapons violation.

St. Paul police had been tipped off as to his whereabouts this morning and confronted him near Ross Avenue. At this point Moua pointed a gun at himself and took off. There were two other passengers in the car when the chase began, but Moua told them to get out.

The chase ended when Moua crashed into other vehicles. He fired at police and they fired back. He was shot and died at Regions Hospital just hours later.

The Star Tribune seemed to have a little bit different twist to their story. They commented that Moua could have in fact shot himself, and the bullets of the policemen might not have killed him.

THe pioneer press on the other hand uses the headline to point out that the policemen killed the man.