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April 4, 2007

St. Paul Police name 'Person of Interest' in Triple Homicide

By Natalie Bervig

Police announced today that Tyvarus Lindsey, 25, is one of three people that have been connected with the triple homicide in the North End.

Although two others have been said to be connected, their names have not been released.

There is not enough evidence to consider any of the three suspects yet, but police have said there is reason to investigate.

Lindsey has an elaborate criminal record involving drugs and theft and was released in November after a prosecutor’s error on a federal gun possession charge.

Lindsey is also tied to a shooting early last month at Costello’s bar in the Cathedral Hill area but police spokesman Tom Walsh said charges in that case are probably not going to go through as the victim is not cooperating.

I feel like this story was a bit unclear in both papers. They both had titles about linking a person to a triple homicide, but did not really give out any information. Instead, they refered to all of his past convictions and charges, but it left me confused as to where the present case actually stood.