Chris Brown Reacts After Repeat Questions about Rhianna

Singer Chris Brown's dramatic reaction after dodging interview questions about his ex-girlfriend Rihanna caused an uproar at 'Good Morning America' studios today.

According to LA Times , after his interview with Journalist Robin Roberts, ABC staff members said they heard loud noises coming from Brown's dressing room and they called security.

Apparently, Brown was frustrated by questions like " have you seen each other, or been around each other, directly referencing Rihanna and damaged some things in his dressing room.

After the indecent, Brown tweeted that it's unfair when he messes up, and it's a mess, but when actor Charlie sheen who has also committed domestic abuse messes up, it is considered entertainment for America, reports News One.

ABC does not plan to press charges against Brown for his reaction, which could have interfered with his probation, said ABC spokeswomen, reported LA Times



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