Shooting outside of Bloomington IHOP

Three people were shot outside of the International House of Pancakes in Bloomington , MN Sunday night.

Bloomington police announced to CBS Minnesota that the shooting happened after a party bus carrying 20 to 25 people pulled into the parking lot of the IHOP restaurant near the Mall of America about 3 a.m.

Apparently, some of the members of the group were still inside of the restaurant and some were outside of the restaurant when a car pulled up and several shots were fired.

CBS Minnesota reports thats the group had rented a party bus and were returning from a nightclub in downtown Minneapolis to the IHOP in Bloomington when the shooting occurred.

Police Cmdr. Mark Stehlik told the Pioneer Press that one man was shot several times in the lower body, one was shot in his leg and the other suffered a superficial wound. The two injured men were both taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

The Pioneer Press also adds that, Police are still looking for whoever shot and wounded the three men.

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