Voodoo figures found in Queens Mansion

Bizarre Voodoo figures were found in the Steinway Mansion in Astoria, Queens Tuesday.

Auctioneers clearing out the historic mansion that famous piano producer Henry E. Steinway once lived in found voodoo dolls and voodoo masks hidden in the attic, reports the NYPOST.

It is unclear if the previous owner of the house, Michael Halberian, used the masks and dolls, before his death at 82 years old in December, or if the Steinway family used the dolls in rituals. The discovery shocked auctioneer Michael Capo who called the find "eerie" and said that his staff, while professional, wants nothing to do with the objects, reported Black Voices.

One question that may come from the finding, is how do we know these mask are not just regular collectors masks?

"We were clearing out the far reaches of the attic when we came across what looks like a late-19th-century wooden box or trunk.We broke the lock and inside we found five voodoo masks and a doll surrounded by rusty nails in a little coffin. I don't know if the masks are made out of wax, pigskin or even real skin. This thing has some energy, and I am not sure that it's good energy," said Capo, according to the NYPOST.

When speaking to the Halberian family, they mentioned that they do not think that anyone in their family would have every owned anything like this and that is was very antique.

The Mansion has 27 rooms and is filled with items like telescopes, barometers, and old maps. It was built in 1858 and is now on sale for 2.5 million dollars.

As for what will happen to the masks, Capo said he isn't sure if he will put the masks up, for auction yet, reported Black Voices.


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