Dinky Town Residents Concerned about Burglaries

Burglaries in the Dinky Town neighborhood of Minneapolis have residents and business owners concerned about their safety.

On the morning of March 10th, a burglary at the Five Guys fast food restaurant located in Dinky Town occurred during the morning police shift change.

Apparently, police heard the building alarm sound at 6:30 pm, but when they arrived the building was secure.

Minnesota Daily reports, a lurker slipped into the building while the door was propped open during a morning deliver. When employees came in for work around 7:15 , they noticed money missing from the register.

Dinky town has had its share of car jacking and burglaries in the past. One year ago, a student was stabbed and robbed in the neighborhood.

According to he Star Tribune,a stabbing just a few blocks off campus sent a student to the hospital and added to a string of high-profile attacks in and around the University of Minnesota in recent months.

These reports have caused a continuous concern about police availability and police shift changes that have recently make police less accessible during certain hours.

" I think the problem is that you've got the wily criminal who knows his timing and takes advantage of an opportunity," Said 421's Jim Sander, reports Minnesota Daily.

Moving forward, Five Guys will now be more careful when closing at night.

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