Hard Times Cafe Transforms after Accident

According to Inside the Daily Planet ,after closing its doors last week when a driver crashed into its outer wall, Hard Times Café will reopen Thursday, debuting some small renovations.,

Hard Times Cafe , located on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus was temporarily closed after a car plowed into its outer wall .

According to Minnesota Daily, a car rammed into the side of the building April 3., shoving the restaurants dishwasher and pluming off the wall by nearly 6 inches.

Hard Times Cafe is usually opened 22 hours a day and closes only two days of the year for cleaning and repairs, so being closed for almost two weeks was a change for the owners as well as patrons.

"Doing all the repairs at once makes the cafe' look new again," co-owner Merle-Smith said.

Now that the renovations are near complete, patrons will be able to frequent the local cafe again.

Minnesota Daily-hard copy

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