Sade and Jay-Z Collaboration

R&B singer Sade has agreed to do a collaboration with rapper Jay-Z.

The much talked about duet have been serenading the internet with their single "The Moon and the Sky."

According to The Young, The Black, and the Fabulous, Sade has dropped the first single from The Ultimate Collection disc and it features rapper Jay-Z. We all know Sade doesn't do many duets or collaborations so this really was a big "win" for Roc Nation.

Many people are curious to hear what this Duo will bring to the table, and some have even dubbed it as an awkward Hip- Hop Collaboration.

MTV News reports,Sade and Jay-Z does seem like an awkward pairing, however. While we don't doubt that he's a fan, Jay-Z has never struck us as the smooth jazz/soft rock type of guy.

The song "Moon and the Sky" is set to drop May 3.

Young Black and the Fabulous

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