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Yale Student Dies when Lab Machine Contacts Hair

A student at Yale University died in lab when her hair was pulled into a piece of machine-shop equipment Wednesday, an official said, according to Minnesota Daily.

Michele Dufault was a senior majoring in astronomy. She died Thursday night " in what appears to have been a terrible accident involving a piece of equipment,'' school officials said. The school said the accident took place inside chemistry lab machine shop but didn't say what the machine was.

On Tuesday, just weeks from graduating, she toiled late at night inside a machine shop in a chemistry lab, as she had for weeks while working on her senior thesis: investigating the possible use of liquid helium for detecting dark matter particles. Ms. Dufault, 22, was killed when her hair became caught in the lathe, whose rotating axis is used to hold materials like wood or metal being shaped, reports NY Times.

Dufault was active in many areas including working on underwater robotic vehicles at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. She also traveled to Houston as part of a team of undergraduates chosen by NASA to perform a plasma physics experiment in reduced gravity.

"She was simply brilliant. Her mind , her sense of curiosity,her perceptiveness, her sensitivity," Noble and Greenough head of school Robert Henderson said according to Minnesota Daily.

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Government Shutdown

The shutdown has many Americans scared that they will loose their rights to all essential services provided by the U.S. Government.

The 11 hour budget agreement which took place on Thursday had many people anxious about what is next step for federal programs that are already in debt.

Wall Street Journal reports,Republicans signaled they would support an increase in the debt ceiling--required by law to avoid a government default--only if deep and long-term spending cuts are introduced. Democrats, in contrast, are trying to shift the fight to certain industry subsidies and proposed Republican tax cuts.

Both parties have different outlooks on the current debt concerns but came to a tentative agreement.

According to the Los Angeles Times ,The deal( on Thursday night) was not final, but the two sides have agreed on cuts of $38 billion, up from $34.5 billion being considered a day earlier, the official said, discussing the negotiations on condition of anonymity.

Americans will have to wait for the final results over the next week .

Wall Street Journal
Los Angeles Times

Parents Of Adopted Dead Girl Plead Not Guilty

Parents of 10-year old Nubia Barahona, Jorge Barahona and Carmen Barahona have pleaded not guilty on 18 charges including first degree murder of their adopted child.

On Valentines Day, Barahona was found dead covered in chemicals in the back of her fathers pesticide truck on I-95 in West Palm Beach, FL.

Victor Barahona the brother of Nubia , who was also soaked in chemicals in the same truck survived the awful indecent.

msnbc reportsJorge Barahona, dressed in a green suicide watch vest exposing his bare arms, wept as he was led handcuffed into the courtroom. He sat several seats away from his wife, Carmen, who looked composed but frail.

Apparently, there had been accusations of child abuse before the murder occurred according to neighbors of the Barahona's.

A Florida prosecutor told the court she intends to seek the death penalty in a case, reports CNN Justice.

The parents of Barahona have also been hit with eight counts of aggravated child abuse as well as 8 counts of child neglect. Jorge Barahonna is charged with an additional count of mutilation or abuse to the dead body.

According to CNN justice, jail is where both Jorge and Carmen Barahona will be staying, since they were denied bond, awaiting a resolution of their case.



18-wheeler hangs off of Texas Highway Overpass

A crash in Texas forced an 18-wheeler water tanker truck to hang off of an interstate ramp on Thursday.

The accident occurred in Fort Worth, Texas on I-20 ,and fortunately none of the three people involved died.

Fire Department spokesman Tim Hardeman said emergency crews rescued the truck driver from his cab as it dangled off the interstate, reports MSNBC.

The Associated Press reports,An emergency worker managed to enter the dangling cab and reach the driver, who was eased out of the wreckage. He was treated at the scene for minor injuries..

As of now, the wreck remains under investigation.

Associate Press. wwltv


Arizona shooter pleads not guilty

The accused Jared Lee Loughner pleaded not guilty to the shooting that occurred outside the Casas Adobes Safeway Grocery market during an outdoor meeting with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), on March 8 2011.

Loughner was accused of targeting Represenative Gabrielle Giffords. Authorities found a note at Loughner's home Wednesday that said: "I planned ahead! My Assassination Love - Jared," reported the Los Angeles Times.

The charges Loughner pleaded guilty against include killing 6 people, and wounding 13.

Loughner entered the plea on Wednesday to charges that included trying to assassinate U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, attempting to kill two of her aides and murdering federal judge John Roll and Giffords staffer Gabe Zimmerman, reports the Washington Post.

U.S. District Judge Larry A. Burns has scheduled a hearing to determine whether or not Loughner's psychological issues will interfere with the trial.

"If he's not competent to understand, all these proceedings are for naught," Burns said, reported The Los Angeles Times.

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