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Man bites dog to save wife in dog attack

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A Grimes, Iowa woman is in the hospital after a dog attacked her, her husband and the couple's dog on Sunday evening.

Caren Henry was walking her own dog when a 60-pound Labrador retriever mix launched itself at her, sinking its teeth into her thigh, stomach and face, KDVR news reported.

Her husband Laine was driving to pick her up from her walk in Madrid, Iowa, when he saw the attack taking place and jumped out to rescue her, Metro News reported.

He revealed after the ordeal he had been forced to bite the dog to make it release its grip on his wife and their pet dog, Metro News reported.

She will have to have several reconstructive surgeries to fix her nose, KDVR reported.

Applications are open for a one-way trip to Mars

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A Dutch company called Mars One began looking Monday for volunteer astronauts to fly to Mars, according to their website.

Departure for the Red Planet is scheduled for 2022, landing seven months later in 2023.

The space travelers will not return to Earth. They will finish out their lives on Mars, representatives from the nonprofit said, in a interview with CNN.

Mars One said it has received more than 10,000 e-mails from interested would-be spacefarers.

Anyone 18 or older may apply via video but there is an application fee -- $38 for U.S. applicants. The money will fund the mission, CNN reported.

The colony's budget comes in at about $6 billion for the first crew, a company representative said to CNN.

Two black students at Hopkins High School face improper conduct charges thanks to the way they responded to a "Ghetto Spirit Day" allegedly held by white members of the school's ski team in February, Citypages reported.

One of the students who came up with the idea for the day--whom MPR News has agreed not to name--said he and his teammates called it "Rapper Day," MPR reported.

Almost 70 percent of Hopkins High School's students are white. About one-fifth are black, according to MinnPost.

Hopkins school officials say since February they have met with various groups at the high school, reminding them about the consequences of behavior that can be seen as racially insensitive, MPR reported.

A new study from the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy at UCLA School of Law concluded that support for same-sex marriage in Minnesota is less than other Midwestern states.

The study is based on a poll conducted in 2011 and 2012. Researchers found that 43 percent of Minnesotans support same-sex marriage, which is lower than the proportion of Iowans (45 percent), Wisconsinites (47 percent) and South Dakotans (45 percent) who support same-sex marriage, CityPages reported.

Minnesotans voted down an amendment banning same-sex marriage in November 2012, after the poll had been conducted.

"This is another concrete example that Minnesotans don't support gay marriage," said Minnesota for Marriage spokeswoman Autumn Leva in a statement. "In fact, it runs contrary to the erroneous assertion that public opinion on gay marriage is radically changing."

Famed film critic Roger Ebert dies at age 70

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Iconic film critic Roger Ebert died Thursday, two days after revealing cancer returned to his body, CNN reported.

The Chicago Sun-Times, the base of operations for Ebert's syndicated reviews, announced his death at age 70.

Ebert had already lost his voice and much of his jaw after battling thyroid and salivary gland cancer. He suffered a hip fracture in December, and it recently led to the revelations about cancer, he said in a blog Tuesday.

Ebert started as the Sun-Times film critic on April 3, 1967, writing about 200 reviews each of those 46 years, Ebert said. He also won a Pulitzer Prize for film criticism in 1975.

"I'll see you at the movies," were the last words Ebert wrote to his readers.

Tulsa dentist's patients tested for HIV, hepatitis

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The small town of Tulsa, Okla., was home to health department testing after investigators found unsanitary conditions in a local dentist's office.

420 people--out of 7,000 of Doctor Scott Harrington's patients from the past six years who health authorities reached out to--had been screened for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV at the Tulsa Health Department, CNN reported.

Screening is due to resume Monday. The Tulsa Health Department recommends all of Harrington's patients to get tested, according to their website.

Inspectors found a number of problems at the doctor's clinics in Tulsa and Owasso, according to the state Dentistry Board, which filed a 17-count complaint against Harrington pending an April 19 license revocation hearing, CNN reported.

According to the complaint, needles were reinserted into drug vials after being used on patients, expired drugs were found in a medicine cabinet and dental assistants administered sedatives to patients, rather than the doctor, CBS reported.

Lion attack leaves sanctuary mourning

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A lion mauled and killed an intern at a Calif. cat sanctuary after escaping Wednesday.

Dianna Hanson was working at the Project Survival's Cat Haven in Dunlap, Calif., when a 5-year-old lion named Cous Cous escaped and attacked her, reported CNN.

A preliminary autopsy showed Hanson died of a "broken neck and other neck injuries," according to the coroner. The animal inflicted other injuries "post-mortem."

Paul Hanson, Hanson's father and a Seattle-area attorney, said he dropped off his 24-year-old daughter at the cat sanctuary, 45 miles east of Fresno, in January to begin a six-month internship, reported the Associated Press.

Cous Cous, which had been at the sanctuary for about 8 weeks, was shot and killed by a deputy after the attack around noon on Wednesday, reported the New York Post.

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