Woods wins media injunction, leaves golf; mistresses up to 13?

London-based lawyers have won an injunction for Tiger Woods, who says he is "dealing with his behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with his family," according to his website and The Guardian.

The injunction bans the English media from publishing "new details" about Woods' life. While the details are not specifically defined, the injunction particularly bans naked photos of Woods, according to The Guardian. The injunction raises questions about privacy law and global public domain, and is outraging those who think it makes a mockery of English courts.

The injunction was granted by Mr. Justice David Eady, who has come under recent scrutiny for granting celebrities privacy from the media, The Guardian said.  Media Lawyer Mark Stevens said, "This injunction would never have been granted in America. It's unbelievable that Tiger Woods' lawyers have been able to injunct UK press from reporting information."

"The entire universe could be looking at it and it doesn't matter. Clearly there is no point maintaining an injunction that is completely pointless," English Barrister Gavin Millar commented to The Guardian. Millar added that privacy law isn't as strong in the United States, which generally favors free speech, while the British judicial system doesn't acknowledge anything as being in the public domain unless it has been published in Britain.

Woods announced via his website Friday evening that he will be taking an "indefinite" leave from professional golf to work on his personal life, using "infidelity" for the first time to describe his own actions. He again asked for privacy and understanding from those he works with and his fans, saying that he needs the space and time to work on being "a better husband, father and person."

Even before the announcement, Tiger Woods continued to make headlines despite his own attempts to keep things private. His TV commercials have all been yanked since the scandal hit the newswaves, and FOX reported Friday that Woods' corporate sponsors are discussing the impact of his personal behaviors on the terms of his multimillion contracts and the images of the companies he represents, which include Pepsi, Gillette and Proctor and Gamble.

According to the New York Daily News, Playgirl is claiming to have nude photos of the golf star which they are planning to publish, and the current count of those alleging to have been his mistresses has reached anywhere from nine to thirteen, depending on which news source you consult, including at least one porn star.

Friday evening, New York Magazine published a story claiming one of their "Daily Intel" editors was the thirteenth "mistress." The editor, Chris Rovzar, is the first man to claim extramarital relations with Woods, and apparently showed a NY Magazine "source" texts on his phone that show Rovzar and Woods discussing Lady Gaga and a relaxed, playful sexual history.

The source said, "Before Chris knew it, the both of them were taking [insomnia drug] Lunesta, listening to Jimmy Buffett, and rolling around in soiled diapers at the Mercer Hotel."
"'Rovzar has been davastated by the news of all these other mistresses,'" NY Mag said. "He thought he was the only one." They also said Rovzar has hired an attorney and will be holding a press conference Saturday.

They also published the following e-mail, allegedly sent to Rovzar by Woods:

"'I had a dream we were gay married and I was leading the tournament. I came home, excited to see you, and there you were in the bedroom playing Lubriderm Twister with Mike Piazza and that guy from Prison Break while Days of Our Lives played in the background. It was an old episode, Stefano was possessed by the devil. Piazza was into it. Some part of me thinks you would like that. But now I can't get back to sleep. My body is tired, but mind awake. Need some Lunesta.'"

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