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October 24, 2007

New Medical School at St. Thomas/Allina ?

Tomorrow is the day that the University of St. Thomas is to announce their decision concerning a possible third medical school for the state.

Background on this matter may be found in a Periodic Table post: On the Explosion of New Medical Schools Nationally and The Possibility of a New One Locally

Ciao, Bonzo

Where do we stand on research at the University?

There is a new post on the Periodic Table:

Where Do We Stand at BigU With Respect to Research?

Selections from the Minutes of BigU’s Research Committee

Is this a time to be talking about getting into the top three? When units cannot maintain their research capacity, how can they get to the top three? There is little to suggest that the University is on an upward trajectory.

Senate Research Committee, October 8, 2007

October 13, 2007

Where Do We Stand At the U of M Relative to Our Competition?

Yesterday, the Board of Regents met at Morris to discuss, among other things, a report from the Measurement and Metrics (M&M) team. The full report is contained in a rather large pdf file that you may wish to download.

I have posted selections from this document for discussion on the Periodic Table.

I think that the data presented in this report calls strongly into question the "ambitious aspirations" of our administration to "become one of the top three public research universities [sic] in the world."

A community discussion of reasonable goals for the University that are within our financial capability and land grant mission is in order.

Ciao, Bonzo

Can BigU Become GreatBigU?

A plea for a little sanity and honest discussion at BigU about OurLeaders ambitious aspiration to be one of the top three research universities in the world. This while we are, arguably, tied for last in the eleven schools of the BigTen. Perhaps a better aspiration would be to be in the top half of the BigTen. The problem with hubris is eventually you will get called on it...

Downloadable (word document) version

October 12, 2007


A general blog, that often contains posts relevant to the U of M, has been running since January.

The blog is entitled "The Periodic Table."

Interested parties may wish to consult this blog and participate in open discussion about where the University is going and whether this is desirable. Further information will be forthcoming.

Ciao, Mr. Bonzo (aka Bill Gleason)