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It's Been A Busy Week in Lake Wobegon...

University of Wisconsin Chancellor to Step Down

How the big boys and girls do it. Leadership does matter.

Minnesota Dead Last Among Self-Inflicted Peers: The Star Tribune Chimes In

Mr. Bonzo has been harping on the fact that with a situation like that described, the U of M administration should concentrate on fixing our serious problems, rather than raising the smokescreen of "ambitious aspirations to be one of the top three public research universities in the world [sic]."

Sure our graduation rates are improving, but that is only because they were so unspeakably low in the past.

Can you believe [as Maxwell Smart would say] that in 1993 our four year graduation rate was 18% and that less than 50% of our students graduated in six years?

These numbers are what made Mr. B. happy to have his son attend the University of Arizona where he was a Phi Beta Kappa English major and graduated in four years. There he received an excellent education.

What were U of M administrators thinking back then? Is it any wonder that many state residents don't have kindly feelings toward the U because of the way they or their friends or relatives were treated?

We are currently ranked number 71 by US News. You can argue about the validity of the measurements, but this is where people look when they decide to go to college or university. Our competitors are ranked much higher than we are. Why is this? Why don't we set as a goal getting to the middle of the BigTen? That would be ambitious aspiration enough. We should be honest about our situation at the University of Minnesota and try to get the State legislature to help us solve our real problems.

Robert Cannot Come Out To Rap Today

More than 450 college presidents and chancellors across the country have signed a commitment to make their campuses more sustainable. University President Bob Bruininks is not one of them.

Bruininks has not yet made a decision on whether he will sign the commitment and said he would not comment for the story.

Stephen Peichel, president of the student group Applied Environmental Solutions, said if the University wants to continue to promote itself as a leader in environmental sustainability, Bruininks must sign the commitment.

"I can't see how the U can say that they are on the cutting edge and be a top research University without pursuing one of the top issues in the world," Peichel said.

The Advertising Campaign Continues at Minnesota: Today's Spam from OurProvost

spam = unsolicited email of a promotional nature

Although OurProvost does not have time to write the blog that he promised us last September, he does have time for other methods of electronic communication. OurProvost, or his handlers, seems to be exceptionally fond of the word exceptional. This is ironic and indicates a lack of institutional memory, probably due to the fact that this spam was written by an advertising agency.

The University has already been officially declared (October, 1995) an "exceptional organization," a type of NIH probation.

One Swallow Does Not A Summer Make Or,
Don't Break Your Arm Trying to Pat Yourself On the Back

The interested reader will note that two public institutions, Ohio State and Florida, are cleaning our clock. These are folks we will have to elbow aside in our dash toward third place.

It's Not Easy Being Green Or,
Why Robert Doesn't Want To Rap

Mr. B. recently noted the reluctance of OurLeader to comment to the Daily on his position with respect to carbon neutrality on the University of Minnesota campus. Turns out there was a pretty good reason. A friend has sent a link to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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