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To blog, or not to blog, that is the question...

Last September OurProvost announced his intention to start a blog:

Second, to set the stage for two-way communication — a key element identified by faculty focus groups in the University culture task force — I will be starting a blog.

And in a September 7 blanket email to faculty, students, and staff he wrote:

To set the stage for two-way communication--a key element identified by faculty focus groups in the University culture task force--we're also introducing something new. I realized my messages might have more impact if I used a 21st century messenger--a blog. I invite you to read and participate as my blog goes live in the coming weeks.

As of today, only the template for this blog remains.
It recently had an entry but is currently an empty suit.

Apparently the Provost has decided that he does not have enough time for a blog.

Details may be found at:

Update on OurProvost’s Blog
Openness, Transparency, and Two-Way Communication
Hold Those Thoughts...


University of Minnesota Provost Launches Blog
Hold That Thought...

I have asked our provost, E. Thomas ("Tom") Sullivan, to reconsider his decision. I hope he does because we are badly in need of a community discussion about the ambitious aspiration to become one of the top three yadda, yadda. In two years we will supposedly be halfway there. I don't think that this is going to happen and that a realistic goal, given our resources, is to be in the top half of the BigTen. See the post below on our recent Double Smackdown. But this question is debatable and eminently worthy of some two way communication between the university community and our administration.

Right now, though, I have to go shovel some of the other kind of snow.



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