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Various and Sundry

The Chairman of the Department of Medicine
at BigU Emigrates to Cheese Stat

It is rather difficult to improve your standings in the academic rankings game when your good folks leave. Perhaps a little head room on the administration side would help to keep some of these folks here? Change is always touted as a good thing. Does this hold for university administrators?

We're Number One -
In a Football Related Matter

Aministrators and coaches have been known to claim that academic fund raising will be helped by athletic fundraising. At least one of our coaches has complained bitterly that women's athletics have harmed the U's overall athletic program. Some hot air is let out of these balloons.

We make the Chronicle of Higher Education, Again

There have been some complaints from the administration that the Medical School is having its problems because of a lack of state funding. Those with an institutional memory will recall that the U had to pay a huge settlement for past misdeeds in the medical school.

"In 1998 the university paid what was then the largest settlement of its kind — $32-million — to resolve charges of fraud and misuse of federal funds."

Why doesn't this ever come up in discussions about why we are where we are?

Things to think about on this cold Saturday, while the students are studying away and the faculty are putting together various complex puzzles for finals. Good luck to all in their weekend endeavors.

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