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Bob Goes Over the Top



From the Daily:

"What separates the top three from the rest including the University of Minnesota..., is relatively little."

Bob Bruininks

It is understandable that OurLeader would lose it given his struggle with the governor and probably the state legislature over university funding. He has also become enthralled with the Green goddess and it will take big bucks to satisfy her. Embarrassing questions are sure to be asked about BigU's endowment the next time poor-mouthing is attempted. Former regent Peter Bell and the governor have also been chiding him to shape up so that he does not submarine light rail funding. Ouch! I guess that is why they pay him the big bucks.

But the statement above is really too much to take without response. If it is true, why all the agonizing and self-doubt about being in the top three?

But unfortunately it isn't true as OurLeader surely knows from his attendance at a Fall Regent's Meeting where the university presented data that showed us to be at the bottom of the list in virtually all categories that matter with respect to our then self-selected peer group of: Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, Texas, Berkeley, UCLA, Washington and Wisconsin.

It is always important to specify the comparison peer group because it is apparently subject to change. In this article OurProvost mentions a comparison group of "about twelve" - now that's real specific. But of course he likes it that way so that things can be kept confusing enough that no pesky faculty members, students, regents, legislators or citizens will ever be able to figure out what is actually happening.

This administration is exceptionally adept at obfuscation and sidestepping important questions like: "Where do we actually stand?" They meet with faculty committees, blow them off, and continue merrily along, all the while claiming faculty input and guidance.

For further irreverent but heart-felt commentary by Mr. Bonzo on an amazing article, please see:

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