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Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?

A Tough Choice at BigU


Oddly, a study published last July by U of M researchers is only now surfacing in the local (Pioneer Press) and national (Reuters) media. Surprise, surprise, diet pop is bad for you!

Because of the U of M's financial arrangement with Coca-Cola and the dean of the medical school's membership on the board of directors of Pepsi [sic(k)], the U of M's research on the harmful effect of diet pop on people's health is triply ironic.

Mr. B. has previously posted on BigU's Coke connection:

Coke or Pepsi, The Age Old Question

And on the ick factor of the Dean's deal with Pepsi (~100K$ the first year):

It's The Ick Factor

BigU Med School Dean Sits on Pepsi Board

But then again, Coke and Pepsi have the money and that we need. "In this world one thing counts, in the bank, large amounts." And we have Twin City Feral Stadium to finance.

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