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More Tax Advice

From OurLeader

OurLeader has previously weighed in with the unhelpful suggestion that the State of Minnesota tax clothing. He now suggests that the gas tax be raised. I don't agree with a tax on clothing, but do think that a gas tax increase would be in the best interests of the state. However, OurLeader's arguments for these tax increases count for little, especially when he explicitly links them to increases in funding for the U.

OurLeader is dealing with a professional politician - Governor Pawlenty. This is a mismatch.

When your building priority list starts out with a new football stadium, perhaps you should not be wasting your time giving tax policy advice? Minnesota citizens aren't actually interested in the U becoming the third greatest public research university in the world [sic]. They very well might be interested in improving their university so that it rises at least to the middle of the BigTen. But that of course would require honesty about the present situation.

From the Startribune:

"This is a time when we ought to seriously consider a gas tax increase and perhaps a sales tax increase dedicated to transportation. We need additional resources to take that pressure off of the general fund of Minnesota."

"If the state wants to remain vibrant in a global economy it needs a great, vibrant transportation system, it needs an educational system that works, it needs a research university that can create the discoveries that are going to lead to the creation of new jobs in Minnesota's economy," he said. "I'm just very hopeful that the policymakers will get together, compose their differences and come up with solutions that will really move us forward."

Let's see, an educational system that works and a research university that leads to the creation of new jobs. Somehow I missed the part about becoming the third greatest public research university on the planet...

This kind of rhetoric, followed to its logical conclusion, might actually get us somewhere.

Ciao, Bonzo

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