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Robert Does Not Want To Rap (Part II)

Or, Good Leaders Lead
And Have Opinions

Mr. B. has previously written on OurLeader's reluctance to face hard issues in his dealings with the press. For example see: "Robert Cannot Come Out To Rap" and the related piece: "It's Not Easy Being Green, Or Why Robert Doesn't Want To Rap."

OurLeader is on the NCAA board of directors that is responsible for overseeing the athletics policies for Division I schools. The otherworldliness of this fact, given the situation at BigU, has previously been explored in the post: "One Can Only Marvel."

Chip Scoggins in the Strib writes today:

University presidents often voice concerns over the academic issues associated with playoffs. They argue that a playoff might stretch the season into the second semester, which they won’t allow, even though basketball bridges both semesters. University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks declined an interview request for this story.

So Chip was Driven to Discover (SM), but Robert did not want to play ball. Well-known presidents of some other big time universities (OSU, Northwestern, Penn State...) could apparently take the time to communicate with Chip. But OurLeader declined to have a conversation with a writer for our local paper. Good leaders lead and have opinions on relevant matters that they communicate to stakeholders - such as the local newspaper...

OurLeader needs to make a New Year's resolution to get out a little more. Talk to the faculty, talk to the students, talk to the citizens of the state. Get down off the high horse and have some pancakes. Breakfast at Al's for OurLeader is on Mr. B. We have a lot of things to do at the U. The economic/political climate in the state is not looking too good for the administration's ambitious aspirations to become one of the top three research universities in the world [sic].

Why don't we be honest with the citizens of the state and promise, with their help, to get to the middle of the BigTen. Please drop this top three stuff as it makes everyone at the U look bad.

Happy New Year from Mr. Bonzo

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