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Some Free Advice

from Mr. B. to Academics and Administrators
(courtesy of UD)

Mr. Bonzo is a real fan of the FIRE organization. It seems to him that the AAUP has gotten fat, complacent, and intimidated by modern universities. To be fair this may only reflect the situation at BigU where the AAUP is dormant. FIRE has gotten into a recent flare-up of university administrative incompetence and arrogance at Brandeis.

UD is Margaret Soltan, an English professor at Brandeis. Mr. Bonzo admires her almost as much as our own English profs, Paula Rabinowitz, Tom Clayton, and Patricia Hampl.

UD – Mr. B.'s academic blogging idol – has recently posted on the amazing situation at Brandeis University. She has commented on the situation at her main campus along with a pointer to her alternate campus at Higher Ed. There she does the patented SOS (scathing online schoolmarm) on a letter from a university administrator – the provost, believe it or not – that is wonderful. OurProvost would never write such a letter because he is a lawyer and as well as a serial law school dean.

Any academic or administrator could learn a lot from UD's post.

Ciao, Bonzo

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