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Amy Gets It

Bob Does Not...

Someone else was just as offended as Mr. B. (see previous post below) by OurLeader's latest infomercial that came disguised as an inquiry about what was on the minds of campus-wide recipients.

From today's Daily:

Bruininks' e-mail more convincing as an ad

Please stop sending me advertisements in my e-mail to justify your spending.

By Amy Pason

On Monday, I opened my e-mail to find a gem sent by President Bob Bruininks, subject: "What's on Your Mind?" Why Bob! I'm flattered that you would want feedback from me!

Enclosed was not a genuine question for my response, but an advertisement to gain my support on the current University lobbying campaign for funds.

The first asks what we should do when it's cold outside.

Second, the University is cutting-edge with being a green campus.

In total, this ad is to convince us that we need the state to give us more money for our buildings.

I worry when Bruininks says we can delay some repairs or divert funds from academic programs if the Legislature doesn't open its pockets more.

All said, something doesn't add up. Where is all this money really going?

We have enough money for a stadium but not for building repairs. We do not have enough money to give wage increases to workers but need good buildings for great faculty. We apparently have a legitimate need for building repair, yet the administration must put together a PR video to convince us to join the cause. Our tuition keeps rising, yet Bruininks can afford a new set of specs.

Legislature, give what you can to meet our campus needs. Bob, try to prioritize our spending in a way that makes sense. And please, stop sending me advertisements to justify your spending choices. E-mail me directly if you really want my opinion.

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