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Creationists Expel Our Man, PZ


This is rich. Go, PZ!

From City Pages:

Film producers don't recognize Richard Dawkins

Creationists block blogger, ignore top scientist

At a private screening hosted at the Mall of America theater last week, Mark Mathis, producer of a new documentary starring comedian Ben Stein that targets critics of intelligent design, resorted to drastic measures to keep critics of the film away: He enlisted mall security.

And it worked—sort of.

"I'm blogging this from the Apple Store at the Mall of America, because I'm too amused to wait," wrote University of Minnesota biology professor PZ Myers, a notorious and outspoken enemy of creationists everywhere. Myers appears in Mathis's film, and is thanked in the credits—but he was ejected at the theater door.

According to Myers, he was waiting in line with family and colleagues, having registered to attend the screening, when a security guard pulled him from the line and informed him that Mathis had instructed the theater not to allow Myers in.

The popular blogger and defender of evolutionary theory obliged, and headed straight for the nearest internet connection where he got right to blogging. It was not enough that he had been booted from a film he appeared in (and which is called...wait for it...Expelled), there was also this: "They didn't notice my guest. They let him go in escorted by my wife and daughter. I guess they didn't recognize him."

The guest was perhaps the world's best-known living evolutionary biologist: Richard Dawkins.

"He's in the theater right now, watching their movie," Myers wrote. "Tell me, are you laughing as hard as I am?" —Jeff Severns Guntzel


This was a hilarious event; great image! I hope PZM did eventually get to see the movie...

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