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Mark Yudof to Head Cal System?

A Preview of Coming Attractions

From the Sacramento Bee:

Fortunately, in Mark Yudof, a search committee has tapped the right person to serve as the next University of California president.

Yudof, a first-rate constitutional scholar and teacher, has served as chancellor of the University of Minnesota system (1997 to 2002) and the University of Texas system (2002 to present). The University of California really needs someone from outside the system to bring in fresh ideas, fresh personnel and shake up old ways of doing business. Yudof is ideally suited to do that.

Yudof has shown himself to be a quick study, an extremely effective manager, an imaginative thinker and a savvy political leader in working with governors and legislators. Amazingly, he still teaches. He believes strongly in academic freedom and in shared governance with the faculty.

Yudof has been a master in fighting for public universities in the state budget process and in seeking revenues from elsewhere. He has sought endowed professorships, increased financial aid for students and encouraged research partnerships.

The regents vote on Yudof's selection on March 27. They should approve it with unanimous enthusiasm.

The stark contrast between Mark Yudof's words and actions and those of OurLeader makes it clear why Yudof is set to run the most prestigious state university system in the country. Later in the week we should know whether any snags develop over Yudof's moving to California. This will be the subject of another post.



(Who is back from a warm place in the sun, ready to work like crazy until the end of term, as are his students, hopefully.)

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